Most Poisonous Snake In The World? Find out the Top 10 Dangerous Snakes Here


Snakes are one of the scariest creatures in the world. You never know where they are, when they will come and strike you. Once they strike, it is only a matter of minutes before the victim succumbs to death. On the other hand, the venoms of various poisonous snakes are used in preparing vital medicines. Here are the top ten most poisonous snake in the world in terms of their venom power.



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1. Belcher's Sea Snake



It is the most dangerous snake in the world because a few milligram of its venom can kill 1000 people easily. Fishermen are the common victims as these snakes get caught up in the net. These are found in South East Asia and Australia.





2. Inland Taipan 




It has the most poisonous venom and what makes it one of the most poisonous snake in the world is its stay in the land. In one bite, it can release so much venom that it can kill 100 human beings at once. 





3. Rattlesnake




Rattlesnake is a very popular snake in America. Unless the antidote is available immediately, one bite can take away life inevitably. It leads to paralysis and sometimes, limbs have to be cut out.





4. Death Adder




It is so dangerously and poisonous that its bite can lead to respiratory arrest. Around 50% of people who took a bite from this snake died. 





5. Eastern Brown Snake




Some experts consider this snake as the most dangerous. It is found in Australia and it likes to live in crowded places, unlike other snakes. It bites a person multiple times and chases them until they bite the person. 





6. Blue Krait




One simple fact establishes it as one of the dangerous snakes in the world. Its venom is 15 times more poisonous than Cobra. It comes out at night and hence, very difficult to spot.





7. Black Mamba




It is basically found in African countries. It is the fastest snake in the world and if you are old, the chances are high that you are going to get a bite. Its bite will cause double vision immediately.





8. Tiger Snake




It is one of the most beautiful snakes. But behind the mask of its beauty lies the true poisonous face. Its bite can cause numbness and if untreated for 45 minutes, it can kill any person. 





9. Philippine Cobra




This is the most dangerous among all types of Cobra. It can spit its venom nearly 3 meters away and the venom can pass through your skin pores. It can lead to death in half an hour.





10. Vipers




Among vipers, saw-scaled vipers are the most dangerous. It comes out only after dark and its venom causes silent death which means its bite is not that painful as others.



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