10 Most Expensive Toilets In The World That Will Take Your Breath Away


Can you ever imagine or have a wild dream where you see a toilet costing millions of dollars? As weird and remote it may sound, it truly exists in real life. Sit tight as we unveil to you the most expensive toilets in the world which cost more than your entire house.



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1. International Space-Station Toilet




Ever wondered why space mission has so larger than life budget. A space station toilet was built by Russians in 2008 which cost them whopping $19 million. It has an advanced filter to purify the water from the water and make it crystal clear for drinking.



2. Hang Fung Gold Toilet




The toilet is made up of 24-carot pure and sold gold. It cost nearly $5 million, and it is now on display for the public in The Hall Of Gold. The place contains other toiletries made up of pure gold.




3. Lixil Satis Smart Toilet




As the world is moving towards smart technology, Lixil came up with an integrated smart toilet made up of crystals, and it cost around $130,000. It is up for display in their Tokyo showroom.




4. Swarovski-Studded Toilet



It is truly an eye-catching toilet, and it used Swavorski crystals entirely on its body. It cost around $75,000 and even though it is one of the most expensive toilets, everyone would love to have it for its beauty.




5. Herbeau Wooden Toilet Throne




It cost around $14,000, and it is truly modern. When you lift the lid, music will play. It has pull chain flush with a bell switch, and you can have candles and ashtray as you need. It is nearly five feet tall.




6. INAX Motion Sensor Toilet




It can detect your motion and act accordingly. This smart technology has made its price close to $5,900. The lid will open automatically, you can play your favorite song, and you can have a warm seat and awesome light settings.




7. TOTO Neorest 600




This is the most expensive toilet designing by TOTO company with a price tag of $5,000. It too has motion sensors and it purifies air and spread fragrance. You can adjust everything with wireless remote such as warming up seat or water, performing cyclone flush.




8. Kohler's Numi




Kohler is a world renowned company in making toilets.Numi is the most expensive of them all. It has all the features of comfort like a stand for placing your feet and warming it up, a place for SD card attachment, ambient light adjustment, and fine-tuning other parameters. It costs around $4,800.




9. Kohler's Purist Hatbox




Purist Hatbox is a recent addition with a price tag of $4,100. It does not have a tank and has lots of advanced features. It is attracting a lot of buyers due to tankless design.




10. Duravit's Starck European Toilet




It costs around $3,700. It has an automatic opening and closing lid. It uses dual flush, and it has a sleek design and finishes.


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