Here Are The Scariest Creatures That Are Still Alive In Australia!

The Earth is one of the scariest places when you put together the different scariest creatures that lived and still living in the different parts of the world. Australia is a continent that is full of different creatures and itis the only place where you get to see the beautiful Kangaroos to date. The scientists have enlisted some of the weird creatures still prevalent in the continent that you need to watch out.

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Earthworm –

When we think of earthworm, we think about feeding them to our fishes in the aquarium. In Australia, people don’t think that way because their length varies from extremely small to nearly 10 feet. Even though scary, they are useful in converting soil into humus.

Blobfish –

These fishes look funny and unique but when you will do a close inspection, you can get scared as watching a ghost. They are endangered and it is found exclusively in Australia only. It looks as if they will melt.

Lizardfish –

These fishes are found in deepsea and some would say that they look like dinosaurs. They have razor shape teeth and the eyes are protruding. It is good that these fishes are not found on the shore.

Find the Face –

This is a faceless fish and it looks like an alien that we are used to seeing in movies. There is only a mouth with nostrils. It does not need eyes because it lives too deep in the water where it is completely dark.

Grimpoteuthis –

If you are looking for a devil’s mask, this is the perfect one for you. It is a deepsea octopus and it is nearly 70 inches long and weighs over 16 pounds. The upper shell definitely looks like a devil’s face.

Brittle Star –

Well, this is one of the scariest looking creatures found in Australian water and it looks like a creature tailor-made for horror movies. Some also call them the evilest version of octopus. The tentacles are big and they can trap the prey and make it suffer.

Anthozoa –

If you have not seen a Nebula of the outer space, here we go. The core looks like an eye and it looks more like a trap. They can sting and kill careless divers who may mistake them as a flower.


Viperfish –

The list will be incomplete without the mention of the scariest looking fish in the water. The body organs glow and even though there are generally small of 13 inches, they can scare the shit out of anyone when they open their mouth.

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