Top 10 Strongest Kids In The World Are The Houses Of Mega Power!


We do not often associate kids with strongness. We consider them weak and fragile and hence, parents take their utmost care. But you should never underestimate the power that every individual has irrespective of size and age. Here are the strongest kids in the world you should never pick a fight with.



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1. Giuliano Stroe




He is from Romania, and he is considered to be the world's strongest kid. He has his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest hand walk over 10 meters holding heavy balls with his legs.


Strength – Can Do Longest Human Flag Exercise


Present Age – 12 Years




2. Jessica Best




This little kid trains 240 hours a week along with his family members. Her elder brother Dylan is no less stronger. She was merely 5 years old when she could lift 100 pounds easily. The best family is considered to be the strongest family in the world. 


Strength – Can Carry Four Times Her Body Weight


Present Age – 10 Years




3. Richard Sandrak




Though he is no more a kid but he holds the record of bench-pressing 82 kgs at the age of 6. A couple of years later, he started lifting weights triple the weight of his body. 


Strength – 1% Body Fat, 300 Squats and 600 Pushups At A Stretch


Present Age – 24 Years




4. Yang Jinlong




He became a celebrity in China at the age of 7 when he performed many live stunts of pulling weight and vehicles with ropes. He could carry his father on his shoulders and has carried cement sacks of 100 kg.


Strength – Can Pull Van With Ropes Tied Around his Waist


Present Age – 12 Years




5. Varya Akulova




She started training when she was merely 4 days old. Just imagine that. She is considered by many as the strongest girl ever to exist on Earth. At the age of 14 years, she could carry the weight of 660 pounds.


Strength – Can Do Bench Press With Three Person Over Her.


Present Age – 25 Years




6. Cosmo Taylor




He is a legit bodybuilder. He is from Britain and has become a celebrity for his physique. He has muscles and abs everywhere in his body. 


Strength – 6.5% Body Fat 


Present Age – 16 Years




7. Kyle Kane




He made a name for himself when he lifted 308 pounds at just 12 years of age. He can do 200 bench press at a stretch and deadlift more than 300 pounds.


Strength – Shift weight of 600 pounds with his legs. 


Present Age – 19 Years




8. Jack Schellenschlager




His surname is just a trailer of his strength. His father was a bodybuilder. He could squat doubled his body weight and did more than 200 bench press at the age of 14. 


Strength – Can deadlift 400 Pounds. 


Present Age – 17 Years



9. Art Hosseini




He is from Iran and he could do 360-degree full spin on a trapeze when he was 2 years of age. He can also do splits and lift his body from the ground and stand on his hands. 


Strength – Can do press ups with weight on the back. 


Present Age – 3 Years




10. Liam Hoekstra




He has a special medical condition. He could lift his weight at the age of 5 months only. He could also do push-ups at the age of 3. 


Strength – Has 50% more muscles due to a special medical condition.


Present Age – 11 Years



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