Where is Jeremy Meeks now? The Felon who Rose to Fame from a Hot Mugshot!


Where is Jeremy Meeks now? A felon, charged with possession of firearms and a loaded weapon in public along with criminal street gang activity just about 2 years ago now drives a Maserati and lives in a lavish mansion. We're talking about Jeremy Meeks. The guy who became an overnight sensation after his picture-perfect mugshot was posted on the Stockton PD facebook page. This is how the internet changed Meeks's fortunes! 



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1. Meeks and his criminal ways




Jeremy Meeks, born February 7, 1984,  is from a small town in Stockton, California and was brought up in a poor household. Lack of money led him to pursue crime, the easy way out, as a career. But prior to his shot to fame and arrest his family members had alleged that his old tattoos had stereotyped Jeremy and a misunderstanding led to his arrest.




2. Arrest in 2014




In June 2014, Jeremy Meeks was arrested in a gang sweep by the Stockton Police Department, California and was charged with the possession of firearms, and two other offenses relating to gang membership.




3. The LA Gang!




Although, his family members argue that he has left his gangster ways behind, during his hearing the DA's office claimed that he was a member of the notorious Los Angeles gang, Northside Gangster Crips.




4. Mugshot goes viral




The Stockton PD then posted a mugshot of Meeks that made the entire world go week in its knees. The guy had a perfect face made for the cameras. Chiseled jaw line, mown down hair and beard and piercing blue eyes. Despite all the love, Meeks was still convicted and sentenced to 27 months in prison.




5. Release




Modeling agencies began to line up on his cell-door, with one agency making a $30,000 offer and & another agency making a $100,000 offer to become a pornstar. On March 9, 2016, Jeremy was released and immediately posted a picture of himself, indicating that he was ready for business.




6. Modeling career begins




Jim Jordan of White Cross Management in LA is his agent & manager, who claims that Meeks with his height of 6'1" and chiseled jaw line is the perfect model material. Meeks made his runway debut when he walked shirtless for the New York Fashion Week for Philipp Plein.




7. What he is today!




Now, to answer the big question, where is Jeremy Meeks now? As of early 2017, meeks posted a picture of himself in front of a $125,000 Maserati and a lovely mansion in the background, on Instagram where he's become a certified model. He also posts pictures with his family regularly, indicating that he truly is a changed and wealthy man, thanks to the internet!


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