16 Unseen Insider Photos of Salman Khan’s House!


Salman Khan –  this name is synonymous with Hindi blockbuster movies. Sallu grew up in his father's apartment located in Bandstand, Bandra. It is a surprise that even after starring in consecutive 100-crore rackers, Sallu still prefers his childhood home. He lives on the 2nd floor while his father Salim Khan resides on the 1st floor of the uptown Galaxy Apartments. He doesn't seem to have plans of moving out any time soon as he has professed his desire to stay at his childhood home for as long as possible.



1. The gates of Salman Khan's House, as seen by onlookers





2. The outside of his sea facing Bandra residence





3. Salman Khan's House lit-up during Arpita Khan's marriage





4. Sallu is waving at his fans from his apartment balcony, as he so regularly does!




5. The inside shot of the living room 




6. An extension to his living room




7. Sallu's bedroom, which consists of just a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe, not the mention the view out that window!





8. A different part of the residence




9. One of his numerous paintings hung up




10. Another one of those huge bedrooms!




11. Yes, Salman Khan has a place to do pooja to Hindu Gods, as he is seen here celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with his family




12. Arpita, Salman's sister, poses with close friends and family! Amrita Arora spotted! 




13. The entire Khan-daan at the dining table




14. A place to chill with the mutts!




15. The farmhouse named after his beloved sister Arpita




16. Bhai captured outside his apartments!






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