16 Inspiring Stories Of Celebs from Dirt Poor to Riches


Every single one of us dreams of becoming big, and the major inspiration behind believing in our dream are the success stories of so many celebs around us. Some of the celebs were terribly poor, but they never gave up dreaming big in life, and with hard work and luck, they made it big in life. Today, we will go through 16 rags to riches celebs in the world whose stories you never heard.



1. Jennifer Lopez



She is not only a popular singer, but she is also a popular actress. When she was only 18, she moved out of her parents' house to be a dancer which her parents did not approve. She used to be on the sofa of the dance studio where she used to learn dancing. 

Worth: $300 Million



2. Daniel Craig



Undoubtedly, one of the most popular James Bond of all time, Daniel spent many sleepless nights lying down on park benches because he had no money during his struggling period.

Worth: $65 Million



3. Oprah Winfrey



She is one of the most inspirational persons in the world. She was born to an unmarried teenage mother, and she had to go through a long phase of poverty and sexual assault. She believed in herself, and she won a beauty pageant contest, the rest become history with The Oprah Show.

Worth: $3 Billion



4. J.K. Rowling



She is a true example of turn of events in the life of an author. She is the author of Harry Potter series. She believed that her creative talent would bring her glory someday even though she had to go through years of struggle as a single mother. 

Worth: $632 Million.


5. Jim Carrey



Jim Carrey's whole family used to live in a bus, and they had to park the bus in different places not to get fined. He started working as a construction worker and then picture frame factory before making it big in Hollywood comedy movies. 

Worth: $150 Million



6. Eminem


He is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and his childhood memories are not something great to say. His father left her mom and never met him again in life. His mother has to borrow money to survive. He struggled his way up to reach the cloud nine.

Worth: $160 Million



7. Leonardo DiCaprio


This guy needs no introduction, but back in his childhood days, he had to live in high poverty. His single mom had to do so many jobs to survive. He gave up high school and pursued to become an actor. 

Worth: $220 Million



8. Mark Wahlberg



He was a street thug in his childhood days become his parents had no money to support his study. He used to sell drugs and get involved in street fights. He spent a few days behind bars as well. After serving his imprisonment, he became a better man and a popular actor.

Worth: $165 Million



9. Demi Moore



The popular actress had to spend her days in a trailer park, and her parents always used to fight. She moved to Europe with hardly any money in her pocket to become a model. 

Worth: $150 Million



10. Jay-Z



He grew up in a place where drug dealings are rampant. They were poor, and bread was expensive to them. To started writing about the pathetic situation and started rapping on them. Eventually, he made a big impact as a rapper and now everyone is his fan. 

Worth: $250 Million



11. Chris Pratt



The popular actor from Jurassic World once lived in a van and had to drop out of college due to lack of money. From being poor, he became one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Now, he earns nearly $5 million per year.

Net Worth: $30 Million



12. Halle Berry



When she came to Chicago for acting, she had no money to eat and live. Therefore, she went to living in a homeless shelter. She became the Academy Award winning best actress in 2001. 

Net Worth: $70 million



13. Nicki Minaj


She had a troubled childhood because her dad was a drug addict and he was very abusive. One night, he burnt down the entire house. They had no shelter to stay in. She used to pray to be rich and now we all know that her prayers have been answered.

Net Worth: $70 Million


14. Tom Cruise


Undoubtedly, one of the biggest stars in the world, Tom Cruise used to live in a broken home. His mother used to do three jobs at a time to support him. He used to get bullied in school for his poor condition. He is a true inspiration in real life. 

Net Worth: $500 Million



15. Sylvester Stallone


During his childhood days, he was so poor that he got involved in stealing money and items from people and had no home to live in. He was forced to sell his dog because he could not afford it. 

Net Worth: $400 Million



16.Justin Bieber



Love him or hate him but he deserves all the praise. He is a self-made person and began with no money in his hand. He was very poor and used to live in a poverty-filled neighbor.

Net Worth: $200 Million


There are so many such popular celebs in the world that the list would be endless. The lesson of all this is that, when there is will, there is a way. 




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