11 Telling Signs That A Boy has Become a Man


The change from boyhood to manhood has to happen sooner or later. It is a fundamental and a base change that every guy out there goes through when he learns that it is not all about being reckless and carefree. These changes define the boy that was and make him a gentleman, one who is loved and held in high regards. He leaves behind his boyish, unruly behavior and sees things in a more mature and understanding manner, reading the situation and acting accordingly and more such qualities. We have made it easier to spot the man in you with these 11 telling signs. And women you might want to make a note of these while looking for someone who'll be your gentleman.




1. That "swag" changes to "class"



There is a subtle yet apparent difference between swag and class, stylish confidence and showing confidence without showing it at all. 




2. Calling some girl "hot" changes to calling her "beautiful and pretty"



You know you're a man when you describe a woman as beautiful and admire her beauty rather than just ogling at women wearing short shorts and tank tops.




3. Stood up collar changes to one with a bowtie 



A standing up collar on a guy's shirt clearly indicates that he still is that childish young man, trying to impress others with his "cool guy" look.




4. Carefree attitude out, responsibility in!



You aren't nonchalant anymore. You think about the consequences and repercussions of your actions before you act. 




5. Pocket money changes to hard earned money



You always feel like you should be the one giving yourself pocket money. You hesitate to take handouts from your parents and that drives you to find a job and make yourself a mark.




6. Back-seat rides change to driving your parents around



You wouldn't take rides from you father or mother anymore but you would offer to drive them around and let them take the back seat and enjoy the ride.




7. Late night parties with friends change to taking a cool-off trip



You don't indulge yourself in late night parties anymore but would love to take a pleasant trip for a weekend with you close friends and dear ones.




8. Flirting with each and every woman changes to being a loyal romantic to one girl 



This one shows maturity. You wouldn't go around flirting with every random hot chick you found on the street but would find love and stay loyal to that one woman.




9. Reckless fights change to stopping fights on the streets



Remember that time when you wanted to show who was the man in that unwanted verbal abuse on the street. A gentleman would never get involved in such an altercation and would even stop such silly fights in a jiffy.




10. Prioritizing needs over wants 



You won't be buying an expensive $700 phone but instead, go for that $300 performance oriented phone when you know and understand that you won't be using your phone much except for those 10-12 absolutely necessary applications.




11. Mom's gifts change from a greeting card to a beautiful dress



This is a subtle one, where buying a measly card for your beloved mom changes to getting her something that she actually loves. Nevertheless, mothers as we all know, love anything and everything that their kids do whole-heartedly. 


That brings us to the most important 11 signs that show that you have become a grown man from a silly teenager. Let us know if you liked the content below.



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