10 Perfect Wedding Hair Accessories To Make You Look Stunningly Beautiful!


A bride with the bridal dress and simple jewelry is an old concept. Accessories make a bride exceptionally beautiful from head to the top. The first thing a person notices in a bride is her hair accessories only if she is putting one. Here are the top ten perfect wedding hair accessories from which n one will be able to take their eyes off.



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Wedding Hair Accessories



1. V-Shaped Headband




A V-shaped headband made up of pearl and a light colored(not necessarily white) wedding dress especially gowns are the perfect combination for a bride to look like a billion dollar daughter.





2. Jeweled or Beaded Chains




This is now in trend and it has different designs to fit your hairstyle. It could be purely based on jewelry like gold or silver or it could have glitter stones to make it more eye-catching. 





3. Mullapoo Styled Hair Accessory




If you are going to have a bun for your wedding night or reception, it is better that you go for these amazing Mullapoo styled attractive hair accessories. This will ensure that even when you turn back, people will keep watching you only. They make the buns will elegant. 




4. Stringed Bridal Hair Accessory




If you are planning to have a low bun, this is tailor-made for you. It makes you look so classic and exceptionally beautiful. You would look more like a traditional bride with a modern touch. Go ahead and flaunt your long hair with eye-catching design. 





5. One-Sided Chic Bridal Combs




This is best for those who have a low hair cut or wavy hair. This has become a trend and it goes great when you put on floral lace bridal dresses. Well, you better practice it a few times before putting it on an actual day.





6. Sophisticated Hair Flower Accessory




If you want to go for simple and uncomplicated hair accessory, this is best for you. If you are not going for a slight bun, you can have it on the side of the ear. Color can be matching with your dress or your hair color.





7. Glittering Hairbands




If you have thin hair and not so dense, you can look like a princess with glitter hairbands. There are many designs available with amazing pieces of stones and gems to sparkle light and catch the eyes.





8. Tiara




It is one of the bestselling hair accessories in the world and it makes you look exceptionally wonderful and it goes well with all the different types of hairstyles. Various designs and patterns are available with glittering gems.





9. Modern Maang Tikka




Traditional wedding getup is incomplete without maang tikka but traditional maang tikka is completely out of fashion now. Instead, the modern ones have artificial diamond or gems maang tikka with a rounded band made up of pearls. 





10. Classic Hair Pins




If you want to have the minimum hair accessories, hair pins are best but you need to make sure you choose the best ones and these are applicable for any type of hairstyles including buns and freestyle.



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