Nasty Stages Of Break-Up Every Man Goes Through!

Men absolutely suck when it comes to handling breakup. It is said that the man suffers the most after a breakup than a girl even though a girl is said to be more emotional. Dealing with a break-up is not easy especially when the other person has called it an end abruptly. Here are some of the nasty yet necessary phases of break up every man goes through.

The Shocker –

You might be out to a beautiful date with her and having delicious dishes when she says that it is over between you two. The reality might not dawn on you immediately as it is such a shocker. She has to hammer it into you so that you stop enjoying the delicious food and come to the reality of your relationship.

Not A Break –

Well, most of the boys think that when a girl says it is over between them, all she needs is a space alone for some time to realize how precise you are to her. In the end, she is going to come back with glory. But she is determined this time and she will make you understand that she will not come back probably because she is seeing someone else.

Break Up WIth Phone –

You will spend hours sending her messages after messages on all the platforms in the hope to get a reply. But when you don’t for days, you get the reality kicking at your face. Not only your relationship with her is over, you will break up with your phone as it is finally going to rest in peace.

Act Of Desperation –

When she is no more with you, you will start to give her all the attention you have in your life. You will try to convince her by all possible means, follow her wherever she goes, will be online to catch her, talk to her friends to persuade her and whatnot.

Venting It Out All –

When nothing works, you are going to let your anger take over you and make the matter worst to such an extent that a comeback from her side in future is totally blocked. This will also make her justify her decision. You will start cursing her through messages on all platforms, get into verbal fight with her in public even when it is one-sided and create drama and throw tantrum like a baby.

Pain Is Real –

When all other emotions are out, pain will strick your heart and this is when you are nearing the suffering of a breakup. This will draw you into a temporary depression and you will start thinking of all the good memories and shed a few tears.

Reclaiming Life –

Before when the pain gets over with time, you will bounce back, redesign and reclaim your life to pursue another girl you always wanted to be with other than your ex-girlfriend.

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