Scientific Reasons Why You Should Get Physical With Your Partner Every Night!

Having physical intimacy needs no reason because it is always fun and probably the happiest experience for the humankind. But when you can find some reasons to support your daily fantasy, you are likely to be elated. Having regular physical intimacy with your partner can be of more benefits that you can actually think. The following is the list of scientific reasons to make your bed warm every night.

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Heart Attack –

It is a common observation that physical intimacy produces good hormones in the body and these hormones keep your heart healthy. After thorough research, it has been concluded by the scientist that if you have intercourse every night, your chances of suffering heart attack reduces to half.

Cancer –

The rate of cancer occurrence in human beings are increasing almost exponentially. Carcinogens are building up in our body from various sources of food, bad lifestyle, alcohol, smoking and whatnot. You cannot prevent all the types of cancer by having intercourse every night, but you can definitely prevent prostate cancer if you peak out most of the night in a week.

Sleeping Disorder –

Physical intimacy is a very intense physical exercise where you naturally put in more effort than you will generally do for other activities. Regular intimacy can help you get over all the different types of sleeping disorder you might be experiencing in your life. The hormones released during intercourse act as tranquilizers such as oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones naturally induce deep sleep and every couple will agree to this scientific explanation.

Aging –

We all hate to get the signs of aging even though it is a reality that we need to accept. Surprisingly, with regular physical intimacy and doing the lofty act, you can look younger than you are and the signs of aging will show up later than expected in most people. As a matter of fact, you can prolong your life by reducing the risk of death and the hormones like testosterone that get regenerated will prevent the breakdown of proteins and aging symptoms.

Performance –

Having regular intimacy with your partner be it your boyfriend or girlfriend will boost the self-esteem and confidence in you. It is scientifically proved that people who have intimacy more often are likely to have a balanced blood pressure even when the situation around him or her is stressful. As a matter of fact, they can return to being normal from being stress quicker than others. This will be reflected in their works.

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