8 ways alcohol will boost up intimacy with your partner. 2nd one is hilarious


Nowadays life is too busy that we don’t have time for our spouse and family. Some spices should be added to our daily lifestyle to break the monotony. Love is always there in every relationship but it needed to be rejuvenated. So, chill out this evening and have a peg of wine with your better half and discover these 8 mind-boggling benefits…………

1. Sharing a cozy moment with each other

Wow!! Love is in the air….After drinking together there is a feeling of commitment and loyalty which makes the couple cozy and spent some quality time together.

2. Hubby gets respite from being scolded

Typical Indian wives are obsessed with the ill effect of drinking alcohol.  So, lucky are those husbands who drink with their wives and enjoy the freedom of drinking

3. A wife can become a lifetime Drinking Buddy

It’s literally a jackpot when your life partner becomes your drinking partner. You need not worry to wait for your friends to join its everything available at your home itself.

4. You can become an outrageous flirt…

Drinking with your partner can boost up the playful act with your wife which stimulates the foreplay. This act can elevate the sexual desire of the wife which makes you more excited.

5. Adds Vigor and Vitality to the Sex life

Alcohol boosts up your sex life as it is an aphrodisiac. It enhances your libido and makes both the partners sexually satisfied. You can try new techniques which cannot be tried otherwise.

6. Positive mood swings can add a chillness

You always drink alcohol with your wife in a good mood and you perceive others around you are also happy. This adds a feeling of joyfulness inside you and the morning you wake up will feel fresh and active.

7. Easy accesses to Night Club as the Couple entry

The very important point when you are going for an outing with your wife. Sometimes it’s an opportunity for being together as the entry is absolutely free and you enjoy the whole night with shots of vodka.

 8. Research also says its ‘’Alcohol’’ that saves your marriage

Research also proves that couple taking alcohol together gets more marital satisfaction and less likely to divorce rather than one spouse taking heavy alcohol.

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