These 11 incidents proves Angelina Jolie’s life is full of controversy.


 Angelina Jolie is pretty scandalous these days as her troubled divorce with Brad Pitt is making headlines. The sexy Diva had quite a troubled past and her affair with drugs and sex is pretty electrifying.


1. One Night Stand


She slept  with Rock star Mick Jagger and according to the musician she is a hell of a woman who is too good as a pleasure patner.






2. Losing Virginity


She lost her virginity to her boyfriend at the age of 14 as kept on saying “I want to feel s*x all the time” with every man around me.





3. Wild Drug life


She was always known as a wild child and a drug addict. She had tried every kind of drugs and one can see closely the needle marks on her arms. She also participated in a 14 hour heroin smoking spree.






4. A penchant for Lesbians


Angie seems to have a penchant for erotic s*x with model-actress and she continues her own lesbian relations with her current Nanny.






5. Falling for Co-stars


She dated every male co-star in her career, whether its Brad Pitt,Timothy Hutton,or anyother.





6. Difficult Marriage’s


Angie met John Miller divorced him to get married to Billy Bob Thornton and again divorced him to get married to Brad Pitt. Currently she is on a divorce process with Brad Pitt. It seems that Angelina is of a fickle mind, who wants her own way in every marriage.





7. Hotel Rooms and steamy love sessions


Angelina had a thing for wild  love making   in hotel roomsand she had it with Ralph Fiennes and she kept on meeting him for regular s*x sessions at a hotel in London.






8.A thing for brother


Can you believe it guys Angie had a special feeling for her brother James Haven. As she kissed her brother on the lips on the night of her big Oscar win. Now, that’s pretty controversial and the world hates her for that.






9.Angie loves to steal men with hot Love Making


Angelina trapped Brad Pitt with stimulating hot love-making during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. This act of her made Brad to divorce his beautiful wife Jennifer Aniston.






10.Friends with Benefits


In an interview to New York Post in 2004, Jolie confessed having numerous 'friends with benefits'. She slept with everyone to get benefits out of them and she is not ashamed of it. She believes 'It's kind of an adult way of having adult relationships.





11. Hotness on every Movie set


Slept with Jared Leto during the filming of Alexander and according to the director of the movie Jolie believes in constant hotness on every movie set.








Now, that’s Angelina Jolie’s stimulating sexology and lifestyle for you. Maybe she is already looking for her new prey.

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