Shocking! 10 Indian Actresses Who Got Into Drug And Body Scandals!


Everyone thinks that being a Bollywood actor and actress is the end of the world because there is no dearth of money, fame and luxury. But greed is a thing that human beings just cannot ignore for long. The more money you have, the more you want it to become richer. These following actresses did the nastiest jobs to get plenty of money through shortcuts and ended up in jail. 


1. Neetu Agarwal




She was a popular Telegu actress and was at her prime when policemen started having a watch on her and soon it was discovered that she had links with multiple smugglers. She was taken into custody for interrogation.




2. Geetanjali Nagpal




She was a very promising model but her transformation into the dark side of life ended her career. She became a drug addict and she was seen spending her nights on the streets of Mumbai and it is said that she used to sleep with rich men to get money for her drugs.




3. Renu Rathi




She is another model who showed how models are liable to go astray in a few days of fame. She was thrown out of the apartment by the landlord because she became a drug addict and used to do filthy things with the men in the building.




4. Bhuvaneswari




She was taken into custody by Chennai policemen along with some other debutant and promising actresses because she was running a prostitution business in her apartment.




5. Mamta Kulkarni




One of the most gorgeous and popular actresses of her time. With her beauty, her popularity faded quickly. Within a few years, she got lost in the dark and she was involved in drug trafficking along with her husband. 




6. Monica Bedi




She was the breakout star when she got involved with Abu Salem – a blacklisted gangster and they were arrested in Portugal for forged documents and other illegal activities.




7. Aish Ansari




Another South Indian actress who could not resist the greed of easy money and got involved in prostitutions and used to hire new models to do physical intimacy with rich guys.




8. Saira Bhanu




This gorgeous Tollywood actress was caught redhanded by policemen in a prostitution in Hyderabad when she was in physical intimacy with multiple guys. It is such a shame that popular actress who could reach the pinnacle by hard work chose the shortcut to become rich.


9. Shweta Prasad




The most talked about scandal in Indian film industry was when Shweta Prasad got caught in a honey trap laid by the policemen in a Park Hyatt Inn on Banjara Hills for body business. She was waiting for her client. She had fans across the country but she lost it all. 




10. Simran Sood




She was a supermodel who was arrested twice for murdering people on two occasions. The first one was a producer and the second one was a businessman. Do not go by look because behind the mask of beauty there could be a Simran Sood.


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