11 of the Weirdest statues from around the World! Brace yourselves!


There are tons of beautiful and meaningful statues around the world like the State of Liberty, the one of Christ the Redeemer etc. and there are these other sculptures that make absolutely no sense at all. Sometimes we wonder if they were actually necessary, was it actually paid for or was it a means of taking revenge against somebody, is it suitable for public display, what exactly is the purpose behind this aberration? We can only wonder! Take a look at these weird as f*ck sculptures!




1. St. Wenceslas who appears to be riding, what looks like a dead horse, hung upside down! Located in Prague, more precisely at the Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace.






2. This one of two stone-men just pissing for eternity on the map of Czech Republic! This can be found in Prague too, bang in front of the Franz Kafka museum.





3. The statue of this naked man, fighting of babies (?). This one's found in Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway!





4. The giant genital of a woman! You'd have to go to Tübingen Microbiology Institute in Germany to witness the horror for yourself!






5. The sculpture of a huge naked redheaded woman that can be found in Germany! We're at a loss for words.





6. The monstrous penis! Found in China at the Sex museum, rightly named!





7. This one's called the "Duck Centipede", found at Brussels, Belgium!





8. The statue of two people doing it through that "glory hole" in the wall & the "no hands" pose, Love Land, South Korea. There are many such sculptures all over this place!






9. The massive cock park, filled with giant penises in South Korea! The world is obsessed with men's' genitals!





10. This statue is of Superman planting his face on the sidewalk! So that's how he dies, death by sidewalk in Berlin!





11. The farting bull, that also killed the matador! This one's up in Beijing, China!


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