15 Bizarre Airlines That Will Leave You Completely Speechless!!


Traveling in trains is really boring. Flights make the journey short and comfortable. But the boring part still stays alive. To remove this boredom and make the journey entertaining and memorable, some airlines have come up with creative services that have turned passengers' fantasy world into reality. Here are the top 15 airlines and their services that will leave you completely stunted. 



1. VietJet Air




VietJet Air has become a billion dollar company outsmarting its peers with an innovative idea of providing sensual service. All the air hostesses are handpicked accordingly to your hotness quotient and they would get to wear only bikini while serving the passengers



2. The German Adult Airlines




The only airline in the world where the passengers or the air hostesses are not allowed to wear any dress once they get inside. This is truly going to be a dream come true experience but do not forget to carry plenty of protection.




3. WOW Air




Well, the color of the airline is deep pink because the criterion to be its passenger is that you have to be gay. So, all the passengers are gay in the airline and dating and mating can not find a better place. 




4. La Compagnie




This French airline provides the most amazing service and comfort of the all. You will have massage chairs which could be transformed into beds, you will get top-notch dishes of your choice, and every passenger gets a Samsung tablet and guesses what the price of the seat is less than business class.




5. Air Malta




Air Malta came into breaking news when it introduced an innovative service for all its passengers. Passengers will get free massages, spa experience or beauty treatment. What a perfect use of time while traveling.




6. EVA Air Hello Kitty 




This Taiwan airline has all the items made up of Hello Kitty theme. Starting from the mascot, air hostesses, to interior design and exterior paint. Certain the owner of the airline fell in eternal love with Hello Kitty.




7. Qantas Airways



This airline is taking things to the next level for the passengers and many other luxurious airlines will soon start following them. They offer VR headsets to the passengers to enjoy their journey.




8. Air New Zealand




This airline has a special adult class named cuddle class which is meant for couples. In this class, the seats can be turned into beds, and you can only imagine what a couple can do after that. This is best for honeymoon couple. 




9. Virgin Atlantic



The airline has an in-house art gallery for the passengers to enjoy their journey watch the masterpieces of the famous painters in the world and make the journey memorable.




10. Germanwings



This is a most bizarre Airlines you must have every heard. You will book your ticket based on certain criteria like the type of place you want to go, the date of travel, destination features for vacation and through their 'blind booking' technique, they will assign you to a similar vacation destination only after you book the ticket. It is for those who love adventure and suspense. 




11. KLM Royal Dutch Airline




It lets you choose your seatmates based on your social media profile details. So the chances are you can get sit beside your crush or your friend's girlfriend. Possibilities are limitless.




12. United Airlines




You can book Uber directly from your airplane before landing to bypass the long taxi line and have a comfortable ride to your destination. Once you book the uber, you will get a ride credit and bonus points which will certain make your ride almost free for Aa few times. Other airlines will soon start the same service.




13. Hooters Air



This is world famous airline service is a business venture Hooters restaurant chain owners. Each flight has two hardly dresses Hooters girls who will entertain you in all possible way.




14. Kulula Airlines




This is the most entertaining flight of them all because it is very unusual and the posters on the airplane are very funny, and passengers will be awe-struck discovering them throughout their journey. One-line jokes are all over the place 




15. North Korea's Air Koryo




All those who say that without pain nothing can be gained, this airline is tailor-made for them. It is the worst airline service in the world. Air hostesses will be singing patriotic songs, and there are hardly in a comfortable facility.





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