10 Confessions of Air Hostesses Will leave you Stunned


Most of us think that being an air hostess is a life of glitz glamor and fashion. Well, it isn't. Right from being constantly hit on by various groups of men, to enjoy the perks of international layovers it's a life of highs and lows, literally! Many anonymous air stewardesses confessed on various anonymous confession websites like Whisper to spill the beans on some nasty and other desirable secrets of being an air-hostess. All those who aspire to be one or the others who just want to know things out of curiosity, read on!





1. Pilots are man-sluts!




More than one hostess has revealed that pilots are many pilots are sexual predators, and constantly try to bed them. To add to it, they are often married, and some of them even have kids! One of the confessors even had to put a pilot on a no-fly list, so that she wouldn't have to work with him ever again!




2. Air hostesses can't gain weight!




Most of the airlines measure and determine the weight of stewardesses, and fix this weight as the value to be maintained for the rest of their stint with the company. About half to two kilos above the value is tolerable and anything over that will get them into weight management programs! 




3. They see all kinds of things happen!




Mothers putting babies into overhead lockers, strip teases, people having sex in under the blankets when the lights are turned off, sanitary pads being used as eye shades, stewardesses would've seen it all!




4. The Mile High Club!




The mile high club is a reference to having sex in the air while on an airplane! Many hostesses have confessed to having joined this club, with their boyfriend pilots or even passengers!




5. Personal chat & sex with passengers!




As discussed above, many stewardesses have confessed to having sent personal messages to hot/cute passengers using the flight's facilities and having hooked up with them mid-flight! 




6. Switching off electronics is useless!




Keeping your phone turned on during a flight is virtually useless, as it doesn't really cause a plane to come crashing down. What it really does is cause a little bit of interference with the pilot's frequency, when about 200 mobile phones are trying to get reception.




7. Dirty Trays!




Don't even dare to touch that pull-down tray, for hostesses have confirmed to having seen everything from baby poop to boogers from passengers' noses. Think twice before pulling them down just to rest your hands on them.




8. Survival training!




Apparently, flight attendants are well trained in survival skills when and if disaster strikes. They can literally survive in the Arctic, a barren desert or a jungle until help comes. So, pray that you get stuck with an air-hostess if there's a crash, for reasons other than the obvious one! 




9. No alcohol rule!




Flight attendants have a strict alcohol prohibiting rule, that requires the cabin crew to be free of intoxication at least 12 hours prior to a flight. Random breathalyzer checks are carried out, and some attendants drink milk or chew garlic to escape getting caught.




10. Safety over service!




Most of us think that the job of a flight attendant is to cater to every need of the passenger, while that isn't the case at all. One attendant reveals that the cabin crew is present only to ensure a smooth flying experience, and more importantly ensure the safety of the passengers!





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