10 Haunted Places in Ohio that will Scare you Out!


Ohio is famous for many things in the United States; it is the 34th largest by area and 10th most densely populous city in the United States. Ohio is also famous for haunting places in the USA. It has many terrifying places that will scare you out. Listed out are 10 most haunted places in Ohio which will give fearful experience while visiting.


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1. Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield




Ohio’s State Reformatory is haunted by the ghost who was thrown forcedly into “the hole” dark confinement cell. Now also many unexplained noises are present in the hole that is much terrifying. It is said, at this place most violent ghost reside.




2. The Ridges Asylum, Athens




The Ridges was the last asylum in the United States that performs Lobotomies. Many restless bodies are still there who were tortured with violent treatments. Most horrific sight is the outline of the body remains where Margaret Schilling died.




3. Mudhouse Mansion, Lancaster



There are many tales about the Mudhouse Mansion, which is accurate we can’t say anything, but one truth is that it is haunted by its owner and his family members, that roam inside and outside the mansion. Also, security guards patrolled to stop people from entering the campus.




4. Lafayette Hotel, Marietta




The third floor of this hotel is being haunted by the ghost of the owner of the hotel named S. Durward Hoag. Flickering of lights, busting bulbs, moving things often seen here, spotted vaporous lady wearing an Edwardian dress, also a change of shower water turned into ice cold.




5. Majestic Theater, Chillicothe




It is the oldest theater in America- many ghostly tales are there but frequently sighted is the ghost of a young lady named Elizabeth, questioning people “How to get out from here”. Another one is asking for a person named Andrew.




6. Civic Theater, Akron




Civic Theater is haunted by the three ghosts and say theater is their home. One sighted lady who committed suicide in the canal back to the theater, who always weep uncontrollably. 2nd ghost is found to be a longtime employee; another is also an unknown male ghost.




7. Woodlawn Cemetery, Dayton




The figure of a lone woman has been seen several times, always dressed the same. Another “women in white” who haunt cemeteries- wearing a red shirt, jeans, and sneakers, with a blue sweater tied around her waist. Another often seen ghost is that of a young boy and his dog.




8. Staley Road, Carlisle




It is being haunted by the ghost of Old Man Staley who went on a murderous rampage and now haunt this road. Horrific activities like car trouble, being buffeted by an invisible force, Staley’s ghost standing or lying in the road.




9. Fudge Road Bridge, Gratis




It is another one from haunted places in Ohio. Fudge Road Bridge is haunted by an infant who cries for his mother who hung herself after giving birth and a growling sound heard by the motorist crossing over the bridge.




10. Franklin Castle




Franklin Castle is reported as haunted, because of Nazi Research experiments, secrets of passageways, buried bones, hidden rooms and number of ghosts and ghost families investigated here by paranormal groups.


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