Top 10 Most Haunted Places in California Which You have to Visit Once


California is the popular place for many things, it has historical sites and obviously lot of weird things going in the Golden State. You have many chances to find haunted places in California. Ghosts have always loved this part.



1. Whaley House, San Diego




Here, a man hanged himself, and people prefer to avoid visiting this place because they sometimes see pushing or moving objects.




2. Cherokee Cemetery, Tuolumne




It is one of the most haunted places in California and this cemetery in the town of Tuolumne is creepier, of course, visitors almost always feel death energy whipping even they also feel blowing coldly down their necks.




3. Phoenix Inn, Alhambra




At visiting haunted places people get thrilling experience. Of course in many cases, the diners will see an apparition poking her nose into the food items or meals if you want to see her, visit this place.




4. Cary House Hotel, Placerville




It is one of the most terrific places in California, most of the people afraid to visit this place. If you are brave you just visit this place and get ready for objects mysteriously flying across your room.




5. The USS Hornet




In general, visitors experienced a lot of unusual activities while visiting this place, reports of paranormal activity also include full-body apparitions, the sounds of tools, disembodied voices etc.




6. Old Stage Road




The most common story here is that of a young woman who was violently murdered so people afraid to visit these places. It is the popular shooting spot. Visitors said that her ghost roams the roadway as she holds her head.




7. Washington Elementary School




Washington Elementary School in Alameda is most horrible, it is haunted by the ghost of a thirteen-year-old boy, the boy has died while the school was being renovated in this schools students and teachers report strong feelings of dread, Scratching, knocking, and bangs can be heard by the visitors.




8. The Black Diamond Mine




The Black Diamond Mine is haunted by the ghost of Sarah Norton and her ghost continues to haunt the area, visitors also experienced a lot of things while visiting this places her seems particularly fond of children.




9. Haunted Disneyland




It is a theme park, there are actually several ghosts residing in the theme park. Of course, ghost lives in the Haunted Mansion itself while biting this park people also report seeing the apparitions of an elderly man and woman. Even they also appear to be residual haunts as well as harmless.




10. The Haunted Pet Cemetery




It is one of the most popular places. The ghost of a greyhound dog thought to be Rudolph Valentino's former. It is the most haunted sites in California. Here people may feel hand licked or touched, and a gentle shove against your legs.


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