21 of The Cutest Cats ever found! Each one More Adorable Than the Other!


Cats are the most common mammals found. Be it at homes, well fed, groomed and pampered or the ones found down the street occasionally chased down by your ever aggressive pup! They are also found to be one of the cleanest animals, pooping far off from where they sleep, always cleaning their paws & fur and napping in spick and span environments! Along with being the cleanest of animals, cats and kittens especially, seem to be the cutest little animals. Below are some pictures depicting the adorable little balls of fur!




1. A newborn kitten that just about fits in your palm!







2. Rawr! Cute little cat in a bear outfit!







3. The cat that is a bad omen! Yet, mesmerizing with its pitch black coat and dark eyes!







4. The kitty with blue eyes and white furrrr!







5. This little kitty is overwhelmed with motherly love!







6. White cat with dark, tranquil eyes, getting what it loves the most, to be caressed!







7. Little kitten calling out for HELP!







8. This cat is best friends with this big eared hound, which so generously lets her cuddle!







9. Coming through, student driver kitty!







10. Fascinated by the colorful fish, this one!







11. This little one here is a Scottish fold, that is known explicitly for it's folded ears!







12. Cats can find the most uncomfy of places to chill!







13. This little kitty is planting one on its father's forehead!







14. Maine Coon, a cat breed that grown lion-like manes! This one's an adorable lion, though!







15. Licky-paws, the signature move of every little ball of fur to melt your heart away!







16. The magnificent Norwegian Forest cat! The Santa Claus of the cat kingdom! 







17. This little kitty thinks it's a vampire!







18. A cute little one trying its hand at, well that drink! 







19. This ball of fluff is fascinated by how water works!







20. A beautiful feline in the making!







21. These little balls of fur, of a big cat – the Cheetah!





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