The Hottest mugshots – 15 Gorgeous Convicts & their Equally Weird Stories!


When we say the word convict, all that comes to our minds is that they are ugly, scarred, tattooed people, totally gruesome to look at. Basically, stuff that we got from the movies and TV. What we don't really know is that the totally hot chick next door could also be a felon, yes, super hot but a convict in a teeny tiny DUI case. While the other hot people on this list have some serious allegations against them. Nevertheless, here is a list of convicts who look absolutely stunning. Take a look at the hottest mugshots ever!


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1. The big following guy!




This is Jeremy Meeks, he is probably the reason to write this article. His mugshot has got about 75,000 likes, 20,000 comments, and 10,000 shares. He's a street criminal!




2. The woman with the big cute eyes!



This cute little girl was caught beating up her boyfriend for breaking up with her. Who would break up with her, like seriously?




3. The SUPER, SUPER-HOT lady!




Meagan Simmons is probably the hottest woman in this lot. She was convicted for DUI in July 2010. We hope she has only become better with age!




4. The guy with the awesome looks and crazy dreadlocks!




We don't have much information regarding this handsome man, but he's sure to turn a few heads with his beautiful dreadlocks and deep green eyes!




5. This tall lass!




This 6ft tall beautiful lady was for DUI and in Kentucky! Jeez, stop drinking and driving or don't, so that we could see more of you gorgeous drunk girls! 




6. Straight outta Surf's Up!




He looks like a straight-up surfer! Criminal or not this blonde guy can become a ramp walk model!




7. Another beauty with a lot less brains 




We don't know what she did but she sure is one gorgeous looking young woman. Eyes, hair, skin – PERFECT!




8. The proud pouter!




This beautiful devil was taken in for assault and battery in North Dakota after she attacked her ex-boyfriend whom she saw with another girl!




9. We've fallen in love with her!




An outstanding example of simple beauty with a devious mind. Although we don't know was felony she has committed, there isn't a single police officer who wouldn't be smitten!




10. The foxy girl with the cool piercing!




This gorgeous blonde is Shawna Diana Rose Meggison & was booked for marijuana violation in 2012.




11. The Beautiful face with loads of regret!




This gorgeous young lady was arrested for driving while being suspended and to a party. A bit harsh don't you think?




12. Wait till you read what she did!




This damsel was arrested for prostitution in Mexico City! She sure doesn't look that way, but totally bangable and you even could!




13. The chiseled face beauty




This beautiful blonde was arrested for beating up her husband with the toaster, for not cooking the breakfast correctly. WHAT!




15. This light-eyed gorgeous woman!




Meet Frances Million, who was going way over the posted speed limit. Don't we all drive over the limit once in a while? Maybe she was taken in for being more beautiful that the posted limit!




15. The Rihanna look-alike!




This girl could've easily passed for Rihanna, bu chose to do something petty and ended up with these hottest mugshots!


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