10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses In The World Are Just So Pretty


A wedding is an occasion, one of the most memorable ones! Needless to say, every girl has the fantasy of wearing that perfect piece of clothing that day with perfect flair, perfect neck, perfect back, perfect fitting; her picture perfect dress. But, finding the dream dress is a big task for often, the real thing comes out pretty different from the imagined dress and disappointment happens. At times, there are fitting issues, fabric hassles and most commonly budget problems. These 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses will not only make you envious of the money-eaters but also, they will change your "dream dress" perception upside down!



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List of Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World



1. The Diamond Wedding Gown


This dress first appeared at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey (California) in Renee Strauss' bridal show, 2006 in collaboration with Martin Katz's jewels and since then, the sensational dress is known as the "Diamond Wedding Gown". Rightfully so, as it contains a mind-boggling 150 carats diamonds.

Price: $12 Million







2. White Gold Diamond Dress by Yumi Katsura


Yumi Katsura is a Japanese designer, specialized in designing wedding gowns, and this dress is Katsura's most exotic and beautiful wedding gown till date. The dress is rich in the rare 5-carat white gold diamond, an 8.8-carat green diamond, and more than 1,000 pearls. *greedy eyes*

Price: $8.5 Million







3. Danasha Luxury Wedding Gown


This simple yet artsy gown is the creation of two topmost designers – Danasha and Jad Ghandour, who decorated the dress in 200 grams 18-carat gold and 75-carat hand-selected Belgian diamonds. Making the dress rather sober and sophisticated, this classy gown really is "simplicity at its best".


Price: $1.5 Million







4. Peacock Feather Wedding Gown by Vera Wang


Believed to have been designed for Jennifer Lopez for her wedding with Ben Affleck, this unusually beautiful gown is hand-crafted with more than 2,000 real peacock feathers. When it was first released in Wedding Expo of China, 2009, this magnificence with a diversion from the conventional white became a talk of the town in no time at all!

Price: $1.5 million







5. Sarah Burton Wedding Dress for Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton's wedding gown was so gorgeous, it oozed elegance and Sarah Burton is the personnel behind the creation of such grace. In her beautiful, white and ivory gown is used the most classy and exquisite fabrics –  English Cluny lace, Satin Gazar and French Chantilly, with 9 feet long train and months of hard work.


Price: $388,000







6. Mauro Adami Platinum Wedding Dress


This wedding gown was designed for the Italian wedding gown collection of Domo Adami in 2008 by Mauro Adami. The fabulous platinum shade is obviously the highlight of the dress and it also features 132 feet of fabric, silk and platinum thread, hemline embroidery and ornate neckline. 


Price: $373,000







7. Fiery Red Platinum Wedding Dress


A dress with "Fiery Red" in its name has to be hot and this gown is way beyond! Made of authentic platinum, this artistic piece was created in Anhui Province, China on an oriental theme. The blossomed florals along with the touch of silver make this gown "fiery red" hot and classy.


Price: $250,000







8. Melania Knauss Wedding Gown


The wedding gown of Melania Knauss was made by John Galliano and is a wonderland of unique stuff – more than 300 feet of white Duchesse satin fabric, 13 feet long train and 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls. The dress weighed 50 pounds as she wore it and one can only hope that she got some good compliments from Donald Trump.

Price: $200,000







9. 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress


Evidently, this gown is rich in gems and so much so to total more than 10,000 carats worth gemstones, which were procured from a top jewelry designer of Hong Kong. It was first displayed in China Province of Shangrao, Jiangxi in 2007 and has been bagging appreciation since.

Price: $158,800






10. ‘Bach Ngoc Xiem Y’ Wedding Dress


This gorgeous white satin and silk wedding gown has been designed for the "expensive brides" who are on a lookout for something extraordinary and lavish. The dress was displayed at Hanoi's Ruby Plaza for being adorned with more than 95 rubies and 200 diamonds.

Price: $117,000





So, how do you feel about the most expensive wedding gowns of the world? Do put down your comments to let us know the same. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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