This Giant List of Funny Memes Will Surely Brighten your Day


Memes are a relatively new concept of expressing things around us. They are sarcastic yet funny, mildly offensive yet totally relatable. Richard Dawkins first used the word memes back in 1976 in his book The Selfish Gene to explain how cultural idiosyncrasies spread like wildfire. Internet memes are a subset of this representation used by Dawkins. Today we have memes ranging from actual advice mallard to the bitch please face. Much more are added as we speak at different corners of the world, ready to go viral. Here we have some of those funny memes that are bound to make you spit your morning coffee. 



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Get Ready For The Laughriot With Funny Memes



1. True sometimes?


Sometimes it so happens that you have to hold it in inevitably! And isn't this is the face that you unknowingly make?





2. Spotted it yet?


We hope you all know the climbing prowess of cats, but this cat took it one step further when it looks like it's spying on us without our knowledge. Ninja cat FTW!






3. Zach makes all the memes better!


Remember the good old days, when we were kids, not having to worry about any shit in the world, just wake up and turn on the TV, and switch to Tom & Jerry or Popeye's adventures maybe? Yeah, kids, these days can never relate to all that because.






4. This one's for the alone-at-home-and-getting-fat people


That moment when pizza is your only best friend, so you match your clothes! 






5. Happens all the time! EVERY SINGLE TIME!


That feeling you get if this happened especially on a Friday evening when you thought you could finally go out and chill with the boys!






6. When the one thing that you were repeatedly taught seems to be falling apart!


Whoever said life is short, needs to ponder this meme and it's truth(?) Never mind. YOLO!






7. "Gamers" can relate!


That annoying level, you thought would spell the end of your Candy Crush career!






8. Another one of those Boss-bashing memes!


I'm sure people with a nagging boss can totally relate to this marvelous meme. It nearly brought us to tears with its accuracy!






9. The Not Safe For Work meme!


This one, so elegantly uses the male genital organ to depict the nature of women and life with a picture of good old Adam Sandler! We can totally imagine his saying this line, he makes funny memes funnier!






10. Man's best friend you say?


That moment when you realize how your dog might be feeling while taking a dump. Shame on you!






11. Poor back seat passengers!


Admit it, this has happened to you more number of times than you'd care to admit. And still, you wouldn't have been a part of the convo!






12. Strictly for men only!


Of course, the women who see this won't be able to make out anything, unless they ask a male friend for an explanation!






13. Of course, the Twilight thwarting meme!


Remember Edward Cullen from the Twilight series? Yeah, let us just make you hate him if you don't already. Honestly, this is a meaningful meme!






14. The watchful member of the group!


We don't really know the function of that guy, maybe he's a Russian spy!





15. Maybe Michael traveled by bus a lot!


Michael Jackson probably got this move by taking the bus all the time!





16. There's nothing worse


Oh the horrific moment, and if there are people who were actually being waved at right next to you!





17. Star Wars fans will understand!


Any Yoda fans out here? 





18. Zach strikes again!


No offense to the ladies ou there but this is hilarious! I think we all should agree that Google is officially a boy!





19. Well, that escalated quickly!


The big difference here, explained!





20. Way to be positive!


Maybe that's the real reason, huh?




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