10 Bizarre Internet Challenges That Are Beyond Common Sense

Did you take the popular Ice Bucket challenge or the Mannequin challenge? Do you want to take even bizarre and ridiculous internet challenge? These so-called fun internet challenges driving people to the level of ultimate madness. Be the judge as we bring you the ten most terrible and bizarre internet challenges that went viral among insane people.



1. The Condom Challenge



Did you ever try to put a condom on your head to see if it fits well? In this challenge, you have to fill a condom with water to its extreme limit and ask your friend to drop it on your head. Don't be surprised and embarrassed if it gets stuck in your head, after all, you have to post that humiliating video to complete the challenge. 


2. The Backpack Challenge



How would you feel if people start throwing their bags at you when you walk down a street? That's is exactly what this challenge is all about – voluntary punishment!


3. The Hundred Layer Challenge



Would you ever wear 10 pieces of clothes on your body during a summer day? Never, right? But hundred layer challenge is where you have to wear 100 dresses or apply 100 layers of makeup during a hot day.


4. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge



Would you have preferred human beings to look more like monkeys? Probably, never. But in this insane challenge, you have to stick a glass in your lips and suck the air in for some time until your get lips like pigs. 


5. The No Hands Challenge



Do you skip a heartbeat every time your expensive smartphone slips from your hand? In this challenge, you have to take your selfie without holding the smartphone in your hand. How? Maybe, you let it slip and snap in the falling motion.


6. The Panty Challenge



Even though vaginal discharge is normal, do you talk about it or show your undergarment in public? In this challenge, women have to show their panties with no stain signifying no vaginal discharge. Can it get any worse and ridiculous than this?


7. The Finger Challenge



If you are looking for a reason to leave the planet, this is the one. It is as good as posting naked photos on the social media sites. Women are taking this challenge joyfully where they hide their private part with one finger, and the rest is exposed. Good times for perverts!


8. The Food Makeup Challenge



Do you prefer herbal products for your makeup? It just cannot get any more herbal and natural when you have to do makeup with foods and fruits. Prepare yourself to lose your sanity in the name of fun. 


9. Don't Judge Challenge



Even though people leave no stone unturned to talk shit about ugly looking guys and girls and bully them in public, those same people are cool with this awful challenge. Given a chance, would you ever try to look as ugly as a person can be? In this challenge, you have to do exactly that. 


10. The Fire Challenge



We saved the worst for the last. Never dare to do it under the influence of some lunatics. People are setting fire on body parts willingly and posting a video on social media site. What can you expect other than first and second-degree burn, a few days in hospital and lifetime scars? 


Would you be interested to try out any of these and get classified as lunatic among the sea of humanity?



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