20 Hilarious Collection Of Supernatural Memes That Are Insanely Funny

Supernatural is an American TV show based on fantasy horror, and it is so popular that it has already completed 12 successful seasons becoming the longest-running fantasy series ever. The series is based around Winchester brothers – Dean and Sam and the one of the biggest reason for its popularity is the hilarious memes available on the internet.

Here is a funny compilation of Supernatural memes that will make your fan of the Winchester brothers forever. 



1. Remake Of Life Of Pie



If you loved the original movie Life Of Pie and also a fan of Supernatural, you are going to love this combination in the new remake of Life of Pie featuring Winchester brothers. 


2. You and Your Professor



This is exactly what you want to do with your professor during oral tests as he just does not stop asking questions from everything possible. 


3. When The Lights Flicker



Normal people get scared thinking of supernatural stuff like ghosts in the room or invasion of aliens, but Winchester brothers get the salt to throw them in the eyes of the ghosts or aliens whoever it is.


4. Anything Is Possible



In the Supernatural series, anything is possible, and it will even scare the ghost of Leonardo Da Vinci. The face of Monalisa is replaced by Misha Collins who has no eyebrows. This is a hilarious meme to use for commenting on your friend's photos.


5. Too Much Talented



When your friends are way ahead of you in showing off their talent and expensive lifestyle in social media, this is what you have for them in reply. 


6. When Your Friends Try To Flirt With Your Girlfriend



When they do you know the words that would be coming out of your mouth. You can also use it for boy-friends who have the reputation to be girly in nature.


7. The Perfect Revenge



If you want to take a perfect revenge on someone on social media by embarrassing him, go ahead and send it. You can even send this to your ex-partner who cheated on you. 


8. When You Flirt WIth Your Friend's Girlfriend



You want to show to her that you are a better choice or maybe you are offering an option to for a three group session on the bed!


9. How To Face The Awkward



We always have some awkward moments in public, and the worst among them is falling over. At least, this time you can get up and crack a joke to get over the situation. 


10. The SnapChat Filter



You will come across a lot of girls on social media sites who post photos will dog filter of SnapChat and look like an idiot. This is a perfect reply to them to make them realize the truth. 


11. Friends WIth Different Poses



We all have friends who like to post photos with different poses and show off their multi-talent personality all the time. This is the one tailor-made for them to humiliate them publicly. 


12. Trolling Your Girlfriend



If you did not get it, the demonic possession is your girlfriend and daddy issues signify her resistance to your approach for intercourse for fear of pregnancy.


13. This Is Absolutely Ridiculous



If you want to make someone laugh instantly, this is the perfect poster. 


14. Squeezing A Hug



That moment when someone tries to be funny with a photo or a post, but it is hardly anything to laugh about. That is what you post in reply, and if he has a brain, he will understand.


15. Killing A Cute Guy



There are always some guys who try to post cute photos for girls to make comments like you look cute and stuff. This is what you should post to devalue him instantly. 


16. This Sums Up Your Life



This is the best meme to show what you are in real life and how pathetic it is in a funny way because people estimate and assume so many things about you. It is like trolling yourself. 


17. Beauty Without Brain



When girls without brain start talking shit, you need to shut them up with this masterpiece.


18. Wierd Things Around Girls



Most of the girls pose in group, and they do crazy things with their BFFs and if you are jealous and feel awkward at their activities, go ahead and post in to ease off their closeness.


19. Awkward Selfies



People post awkward selfies all the time. Sometimes, it is a selfie inside the bathroom, with a dead body, with a beggar and what not. They think it is cool, creative and unique. This poster will make them take the photo down.


20 . When Your Friends Ruin Your Post



There are always some friends who start commenting relevant dirty things and keep the conversation going to such a point that you will be forced to delete their comments or the post itself. Next time, use it to your advantage. 


Go ahead and share them on your social media account and save them as well so that you can use them at the appropriate time in the comment section of your friends' posts.



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