11 Crazy Inside Stuff that Happens in a Girls Hostel

If you wish to experience the ultimate personality building platform, go to a hostel. If you wish to know how it is like to be a part of epic mischiefs (and consequent but unforgettable punishments), go to a hostel. If you want to live the life with thousand other people in the same boat, who may talk about the most disgusting stuff anytime, and who would be your friends for life, hostel life experience is the way to go!

Well, beware of the shameless creature that you are going to become though, for hostelers are quite different from people living "normally". Interested in knowing how? Check out these 11 "Inside Stuff" that happens in Girls' Hostel. 



1. "Imma going to Loo"


Ah ha, it's a matter of announcement every time one goes to use the loo. Peeing, pooping or just to wash the face, details are included in the announcements too. Reaction of others: Nothing special, everyone does it.



2. Learning Phase


Being in a hostel means that you have that one person who knows about all the slangs and all the sex positions. Utter interest in talking to her, well, that's a natural tendency as well as attractive themes for group discussions.



3. Get Naked


Look how attentive you suddenly became eh! To your disappointment, girls don't really get naked! But but, changing clothes, both uppers and lowers in front of girl friends is not a big deal at all. Sometimes, the upper UG is also inclusive with a simple "Guys, don't look!" Going to washroom every time to change – uh, so much effort!



4. Potty Talks


Oh my can the girls discuss such stuff! Believe me, they SO can! And they would not even spare lunch breaks, dining table, munchie time or canteen visits. Shit talks and more are always a favorite, well, they provide humor for one.



5. Bantering v/s Cat Fighting


Thought bantering is "boys only" thing? Ha! Hostel girls can banter with each other with stuff unimaginable! Oh yeah, commenting on her flat chest, her big b**bies, her luscious butt, her camel toe, they can reach any heights. Also, cat fight is a rarity, sorry boys!



6. Chums know Chumming


If you are on your period in a hostel, the whole hostel gets to know! Worse is when you are one of the "death-would-be-easier kind of painful" people. Even girls from different hostels would know it's your "time".



7. Ahem – Coupling


Heard rumors about lesbians existing in girls hostels? Well, the rumors may not be completely false, you know! Every hostel has that one room that makes one's ears attentive to the maximum. Oh, don't even think that we are against homosexuality – we are civilized!



8. Boyfriend-ing


If you think that availability of only girls around 24×7 is the reason for girl-couples, that's a real wrong notion! Girls do manage relationships inside hostel – "illegal" phones, daring to step outside of school, receiving gifts through day scholars, it all happens!



9. "Where's My Stuff, Bi**h?"


There has to be someone doing the cheapness when lots of girls lose money, clothes, gifts, watches and what not! Sadly, girls hostel is not aloof of the criminal activity. Astonishment is when one would lose small things like pins, toiletries, socks, food etc. too. They do it all!



10. Cute Kissing


Ever seen in some Hollywood movie – girls giving each other lip kisses like it's any other activity? You may witness a scenario like it in a girls' hostel. With them living years and years together, it's only a sign of affection, like two friends hugging.



11. It's Bathing Day!


If you thought that only boys can live without taking bath for days, woah, rethink! Girls are as good at resisting (or happily resisting) a bath as boys and can go without a shower for a number of days. Eww? But true!



How did you like knowing some inside stuff of a girls' hostel? Do put down your comments and tell us more about it or your thoughts around the same. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!




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