Unfortunate Spelling Mistakes Are So Funny That You Will Cry Laughing

From our school days and spelling mistakes experience, we all know that sometimes spelling mistakes can make another word that has a completely different meaning. Such newly formed word can sometimes be too embarrassing to use. Well, some people proudly made such mistakes and they had the guts to showcase them in the public. Don’t believe us? Well, then check out the following posters.

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Prosecuted –

Well, with spelling mistakes like that and that too showcased in the public, any shoplifter can cry in laughter rather than actually shoplifting. That is why you should not rely on the poster maker for the English language.

Take Protection –

You need to read the poster twice if you have not got it right and burst into a laughter. Well, the poster has a great message if you understand the drift.

Pay Your Dues –

Some people are ready to take the fees even before you are born. Well, that is what the poster literally means. An extra ‘S’ can ruin the entire sentence.

It Hurts –

Getting a tattoo is quite painful for many especially if it is the first time you are getting it. But if the tattoo does not come out to be something you expected, it is pain in the rear. You got the song right and the artist wrong and you are going to be trolled for the time the tattoo survives on your skin.

Who Wants Girlfriend?

Why should you be in a relationship with your girlfriend when you can get a wife for free? It was supposed to be Wi-Fi but nobody will mind a free wife if it is a few days affair.

Motherly Love –

If you are staying away from your mom for professional and personal reasons, you can get some motherly love from this store. It sells vegetable mom and chicken mom. Whoever wrote the poster must be considered a criminal!

Deadly Medicine –

The medicine is indirectly saying that its consumption can make a person dead. No wonders if the company gets sued for such weird advertisement. The following one goes way past your imagination as you just cannot think how it was made possible.

Illegal Parking Allowed –

The poster clearly says that it is absolutely fine to park cars illegally even though it is a private parking spot. The poster marker deserves a silent applause for his innovation.

There are many such mistakes we can in life ever when we might know the real spelling.

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