10 Unique Things You Can Only See In Asia!

Asia is known for cultural diversity and there are many under-developed, developing and developed countries. Therefore, it is a mixture of everything you want to be. In Asia, there are certain unexpected and unusual things that you can see only on the continent and nowhere else in the world. Wanna know them? Here we go.

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The QR Garden –

If you happen to visit China, other than the Great Wall of China, you should make some time to visit the QR garden of China. It just shows the advanced technological mentality of the Chinese. Get a drone shot and surprise yourself.

Food In Plastic –

Plastic items are bad for health and that is why developed countries are banning the use of plastic items that mostly come from Asian countries. In Asia, food in the plastic bag is a very common thing and you will see it in many Asian countries.

Railway Through Market –

Well, the railway is supposed to have its own rail line away from the locality to prevent mishaps. However, in Thailand, there is a rail line that passes through a market. The train moves very slow from that region and you can as well get to quick shopping.

Windows Competitor –

Well, it looks like Apple is not the closest competitor of Microsoft. Instead, it is Binbows. Only in Asian countries, you can find such replicas of big brands with slight modifications.

New Business –

Similarly, you will be surprised to see that big brands have started their new businesses in Asian countries apart from their original niche.

Colorful Manhole –

The manhole is the least attractive things on a road but it is not so in Japan. There are stunning manholes with beautiful artistic designs. There is something to take a snap and upload on social media accounts.

Railway in Bangladesh

If you happen to visit Bangladesh by any means, there are certain rails that you have to avoid unless you want to put your life in jeopardy. This is how over-crowded some of the trails get in Bangladesh.

Bullet Train –

Bullet trains in Japan and China are what you need to ride on the contrary to Bangladesh railway. Check out the photo and you will get an understanding of how fast the train is moving.

Holy Cow –

Only in India, you will see cows moving around in the crowded streets without any restraint. If you are driving on the roads of India, you should be extra alert and forget about driving fast.

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