Most Bizarre Hotels In The World

When we visit a different country or go on a long trip, we always love to stay in a luxury hotel to make the trip memorable. However, you can make the most pleasing memory if you opt to stay in hotels that are completely different from others. The following list contains the most bizarre hotels in the world where you should stay at least once.

Sand Hotel in Weymouth Beach

This place is a stronghold for sandcastle builders. The sand sculptures on Weymouth beach are loud. The interior was of sand beds and a complete lounge area, also formed of sand. The only downer was probably that the castle builders had built no toilets.

Salt Hotel in Bolivia Luna Salada

This hotel is unique and offers calm and relaxation amid salt. You can feel your body circulation and can let you go completely. For further relaxation, there is a large saltwater pool and a sauna. All the walls are made of salt blocks.

Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht in Bavaria

This is the right place for great outdoors at night. Here you can sleep in so-called “Portal Edges” which are hung-up from the branches of free-standing trees. You’ll have breathtaking mountain scenery Pfronten. Sleeping in the tree is the style of hotel Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht.

Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile

This unique hotel aims to adventurous travelers looking for something special. The construction consists of sustainable and high-quality materials. And is in harmony with nature and the magic of the forest. The hotel is set by a dense forest area in Chile.

Tree Hotel in Sweden

Tree hotel’s make is by different architects. Mirror Cube room is spectacular because its outer sides are completely mirrored. The rooms are completely arranged by the reflections in the landscape. Fulfill your childhood dream of having a private treehouse, in this quiet village of Harada’s.

Ice Hotel in Sweden

The special highlight is the own ice church where even weddings take place. The interior decoration is made of snow and ice sculptures and is also one of the most beautiful places to stay. The hotel is not suitable for children under 12 years.

Giraffe Hotel in Kenya

This hotel provides interaction with the animals. You can take pictures and maybe even have one of the famous giraffe kisses. The giraffe is frolicking in the vicinity of the hotel because they know that there’ll be food. Only Kenya has a hotel with tame wild animals.


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