13 Unique Elevators Around The World That You Should Take A Lift


We all use elevators in daily life to reach great heights. Is not it really boring to be inside an elevator? You cannot look at each other because everyone is extremely close and you have to look up at the ceiling and wait for the door to open.

That is why some elevator designers have changed the traditional outlook of the interior of elevators and made it interesting so that people can have a jolly time being inside it. Check out the unique and unusual elevators that exist around the world.



Check Out 13 Unique Elevators Around The World


1. AquaDom



Location – Berlin-Mitte, Germany

The elevator is surrounded by an large aquarium containing 260 thousand gallons of seawater and 1500 different fishes. Who would not like to stand inside such an elevator the entire day?


2. Golden SkyView



Location – Stockholm, Sweden

The Ericsson Globe is hemispherical building, and the exterior SkyView elevators provide a mindblowing trip along of the curve, and you will get the best view of the skyline from it.


3.  Luxor Hotel Inclined Elevator



Location – Las Vegas

The hotel has a construction design of a pyramid, and hence, the elevators are inclined at an angle of 39 degrees. It is a unique experience and a sensational ride.


4. Rising Tide Elevator



Location – Florida

It is the most exciting elevator ride of them all. Cocktails are served for the passengers, and it is located inside MS Oasis of the Seas which is the largest cruise ship in the world. 


5. Sky Tower



Location – Auckland, New Zealand

This is a very popular elevator in the world as it offers a thrilling ride. The floor is made up of glasses, and you will feel like there is no floor and you are going to fall. It is amazing to see your elevation from the ground.


6. Bailong Elevator



Location – Zhangjiajie, China

It is situated on the side of a cliff, and the ascent and descent provide an amazing natural view that you can never get anywhere. It is also the tallest outdoor elevator in the world. 


7. Paternoster Elevator



Location – Scandinavia

This is a very unusual elevator collection where the elevators revolve in a continuous loop as it ascends and descends. The safety issue is still a concern raised by many; there are hundreds of these cyclic elevators working across the globe.


8. Autostadt Silos



Location – Wolfsburg, Germany

It is the home of Volkswagen, and the elevators are unique to watch as they carry finished cars from one floor to another. The elevators are completely open. 


9. Falkirk Wheel



Location – Falkirk, Scotland

It is a rotating boat lift, and it transports boats between two canals. It is one of its kind and it is a spectator thing to watch. 


10. Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator



Location – Osaka, Japan

It is the largest elevator in the world in terms of area, and it can carry 80 passengers together. It is designed to carry the employees to the 15th floor and upwards as offices start from there on. 


11. Gateway Arch Tram



Location – St. Louis, USA

It is actually a train that takes the passengers through a 4-minute ride, and the surrounding is surreal as if you are in a dream. 


12. Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator



Location – Victoria Museum, London

It is one of the oldest operating elevators in the world. It is absolutely old-school design and the interior and the exterior have gold works. 


13. Louvre Elevator



Location – Paris, France

The elevator has no roof and has a futuristic design that has made it a landmark in Paris. It is the same type of elevator you use in shopping mall except it is circular and fun to ride.

If you visit any of the above-mentioned areas, do take your time to find them and take a ride.




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