Shame! 7 Places in India Where only Indians are Banned!


It is disheartening to state that even after "enjoying" 69 years of independence, we Indians have to face restrictions and bans from entering the most popular destinations in the nation. It is as if the clock was rolled back to the British-era when Indians were subjected to oppression to accommodate and satisfy the needs of the outsiders. Although "Atithi Devo bhava" is one of the noblest practices of the Indians, common sense has to prevail when it comes to the cost at which it is practiced. Read on to find out where Indians are still BANNED from INDIAN locations!  




1. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh



With a name such as Free Kasol, you expect it to be free to (at least) enter to everyone! But the case here is that the owner is from Israel and encourages only the foreign population. Kasol being a "party place," is stuffed with foreigners and Indians, especially at this place, find it difficult to fit in! There are videos on YouTube, where an Indian is seen trying to get in, apparently let in, and even asks the people who run it, the reason behind this ban on the hosts. He is seen saying that mostly foreigners frequent the cafe and that some time ago a certain group of Indians caused a huge ruckus disturbing the whole lot!




2. The UNO-IN Hotel, Bangalore, Karnataka



This hotel which was restricted to the foreign population was constructed in the year 2012 in Bangalore. This hotel, being Japanese based, was dead-set on serving just the Japanese and no one else from India was allowed to enter the place. An investigation was carried out by the police, and the hotel was eventually shut-down, after only two years, on the grounds of racial discrimination! Unbelievable!




3. Highlands Lodge (name changed), Chennai, Tamil Nadu



“Welcome, Namaste, pray stay at this worthy lodge” is the signboard put up on the outside, but this superficial sign is welcoming only those with a foreign passport! And yes, Indians can stay, but only if they hold a foreign passport! This hotel which was once a nawab's residence about 160 years ago, is now open to just the "firangis" as the rikshaw-walas call them. The fact of the matter is that foreigners pay a good sum to stay at run-down places like these, to get the feel of stay in "the real India" whereas the locals (including me) would prefer places with better facilities for the same pricing! 




4. Foreigners-only Beach, Pondicherry



Pondy, as it is famously referred to, has certain beaches where Indians aren't allowed to enter. There are visible rope/barricade demarcations made by the shack and restaurant owners to prevent Indians from entering, some INDIAN beach. And to worsen the matter, a group of people were eventually given entrance after severe reproach and then were asked to enter through the back-door. Wow!




5. Foreigners-only Beach, Goa



The former Portuguese-stronghold in India, Goa too has had certain restrictions towards Hindustani log. Although I have visited Goa about five times and haven't encountered any such discriminatory incidents there are cases where some restaurant and shack owners have treated Indians unfavorably, and the reasons they cite are that the Indians' lusty gaze cause discomfort to the bikini-clad foreigners!




6. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad



This one is another Japanese restaurant set out Albiet a low-profile hotel on Gokuldham Sanand Road in Ahmedabad; it is still out of bounds for Indian folk and only Japanese are welcome here. To add to this plight is the fact that owner is an Indian! When asked the reason, he states that all his workers are from the north-east and that he receives many Japanese guests at his hotel. Allegedly, the persistent ogling by the Indian customers forced him to make the change.




7. A residential complex, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu



A residential complex whose name for obvious reasons, has been omitted, near Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, at Tirunelveli, is an exclusive place for the Russians and only Russians. Situated in the temple district of India, it is astonishing how such discriminations can be made to the hosts themselves!

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