12 Unusual Uses Of Sound Waves You Could Never Imagine!


Can you define music? Can anyone explain how sound can be recorded in outer space even when there is no medium? The sound which is a product of different vibrations is said to be the source of everything in Hindu mythology. Even though we are yet to understand the exceptional properties of different sound waves, you can use them to do things that are difficult to imagine. The following are some of the unusual uses of sound waves you did not see coming.



1. Growing Plant



Indian researcher Dr. T.C. Singh has proved that sound waves can make a plant grow faster than normal rate. It is found that melodious sound waves make plant give flowers faster while rock music retards the growth.


2. Sound Therapy



Our brain is susceptible to certain sound waves and their frequency. Robert Monroe showed that our brain waves can be stabilized using certain consistent sound waves. This led to sound therapy to calm stress persons and it is a very ancient practice in Hindu mythology for doing meditation. 


3. Levitation



Sound waves have the property of interference and if any light object falling from a height gets caught in interference of sound waves, it can stay suspended in the mid-air. Someday human beings can float too with the same technology.


4. Sound Maps



After thorough research and analysis, popular geophysicist Hagstrum concluded the birds create sound maps to navigate and remember certain places they have visited before. In a pigeon race, the majority of the birds lost their way back as a jet plane flew over them disturbing their sound map.


5. Determination Of Past Material 



The sound is used in archaeology to determine the material of an object. Everything around us like our room has a different sound wave due to objects present inside it. Archaeologists study different objects by their sound patterns to reveal the material used and other significant observations. 


6. Seal A Wound



A professor of the University of Washington has demonstrated that super concentrated ultrasound can seal the punctured lungs in just two minutes. 


7. Replication Of Laser



Turning sound waves into laser light seems impossible but Japanese scientists have created a device that can emit light waves by using highly concentrate sound waves that are not audible to human beings. 


8. Mass Killing



Sound waves can kill people without visible outside injury. During explosions, it can create blast overpressure rupturing eardrums, lungs and causing brain injury which ultimately leads to death.


9. Clean Windshields



Sound waves generated have the capacity to move dust particles and the same technology is used to make people breath easily by removing dust and mucus from lungs. 

10. Produce Electricity



Researchers at University of Nottingham show demonstrated how sound waves can be used to create electricity and the electricity generated is enough to run a home for 3 hours. 


11. Increasing Productivity



Various companies have adopted the practice of playing background music in workplaces so that the low-frequency consistent sound waves keep the working environment cool and enhance work productivity by doing away with boredom. 

12. Experience The Other Dimensions



Sound and spirituality are closely associated. The mantra used in spiritual processes have certain vibrations and vibrations can change our perception. When a person is subjected to a certain vibration in meditation, he starts seeing things that are completely unexplainable. 


Do you think the mythological belief that sound is the source of all existence will be scientifically proved one day?




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