15 Unusual Phobias People Suffer From In Real Life!

There are over 100 of phobias people suffer from. Fear of ghosts, height, darkness, exam, work are very common. But do you know that some people suffer from phobias of navels, trees, beards, chins and even flowers?

The name of these phobias can give you a nightmare if you want to pronounce them correctly. Here are the most bizarre and unusual phobias that have impacted the lives of victims negatively.



1. Zelophobia – Fear of Jealousy



People who are in a relationship or have a crush on someone, they suffer from this within their mind. They are afraid that their partner will question them if they see them with a person of the opposite gender and it makes them extremely introvert. They start behaving weirdly with people.

2. Bromidrosiphobia – Fear of Body Smells



People suffering from it care too much about what other people will think and speak behind them. Therefore, they take a bath multiple times a day and use deodorant now and then to smell good every minute.


3. Dendrophobia – Fear of Trees


This is a rather common fear in many people as they feel like the trees are going to fall on their heads. They are so afraid that they never visit a botanical garden or even picnic spot where there are big trees and greeneries. 


4. Eisoptrophobia – Fear of Mirrors 



This develops when someone has a paranormal sighting in the childhood where they saw a ghostly figure in the mirror. This fear stays even when someone grows up, and some people are even afraid of glasses and avoid visiting shopping malls and offices.


5. Kathisophobia – Fear of Sitting Down



It could arise from past experience where something broke when the person was sitting or something terrible happened and the mental trauma has not vanished with time. 


6. Lachanophobia – Fear of Vegetables



Many people hate vegetables like meat, fish, and eggs. But some people are afraid of vegetables, and they never go to the market and eat vegetables in raw and natural form. 


7. Omphalophobia – Fear of Navels



This is weird as some people are afraid of touch navels whether it is theirs or someone else's. If they touch by mistake, they get a panic attack.


8. Somniphobia – Fear of Falling Asleep



This is a grave problem as some people associate sleeping with nightmares and paranormal activities around them. Some sufferers also think that they will die if they sleep for long.


9. Geniophobia – Fear of Chins



This is beyond everyone's imagination as chin has not violent or can cause anything bad to a person. Such sufferers cannot even close their eyes and kiss their partners


10. Pogonophobia – Fear of Beards



Such people associate beards with terrorists or evil which sounds racist, but it is a fact. That is why they are always shaved clean and keep friends who do not have any beard. Is not it going to be difficult to find a boyfriend in today's world where all men are growing a beard?


11. Anthophobia – Fear of Flowers



Flowers are one of the most beautiful items on Earth, but some people are afraid of touching them or coming in contact with them by any means. What if their partner offers them a flower to show their love?


12. Genuphobia – Fear of Knees 



If you have a girlfriend who has this phobia, you should not expect her to see in short skirts and hot pants ever. They never kneel down or look at their knees.


13. Haphephobia – Fear of Being Touched



Many girls are having it as they had awful experiences from the past. Even men who are overweight suffer from it. Is it not going to be a nightmare for a guy or a girl to have a partner in life who has this phobia.


14. Philophobia – Fear of Falling In Love



There are many people who have this phobia especially because they had multiple heartbreaks in the past. They stay unmarried for the rest of their life.


15. Phobophobia – Fear of Having Phobia



This is a very typical case where people have an imaginary phobia. They think that every person must have a phobia and they try too hard to find out theirs. In the process, their mind gets troubled, and they start getting afraid of having an invisible phobia. 


Do you or anyone you know have any such phobia? Do mention them in the comment section.



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