10 Simple Ways On How To Make Yourself Cry On The Spot!

Making yourself cry without reason is probably one of the difficult things to do, but there are some people especially girls who can do it masterfully. There are certain situations in life where your fake tears or crocodile tears can convince the other person to change his or her decision in your favor. You can shamelessly manipulate people and gain sympathy almost everyone's heart melts when a person cries.

It is a skill to make yourself cry at any situation and in such a way that nobody can detect you are faking it. Generally, the on the spot crying is one of the best weapons for some of the most bizarre women in the world. If you are aspiring to be an actor in life, you should get used to it quickly. Here are the top ten ways to make yourself cry on the spot and win over a person like a pro.



Check out the ways of making yourself cry


1. Think Of The Worst and Saddest Memories



One of the natural ways to bring tears in your eyes is by remembering forcibly all the worst things that happened to you, all the things you regret doing and all the saddest memories in your life. You have to create the mood within your mind for the tears to flow. Sometimes, listening to sad songs can the sad memories fresh in your mind and make your tear come out naturally. Select a few songs and select the sad, regretful and worst past situations to make them come handy in future.

2. Watching Sad or Inspirational Videos


There are always some videos that make us sad. Those videos may be showing some sad scenes like in the movies, or there could be something inspirational that makes you feel guilty of wasting time and talent. Select such videos and save them so that they come resourceful and make you cry when needed. 


3. Keep Your Eyes Open Without Blinking


Tears are a natural way of lubricating our eyes. When you keep your eyes open forcefully without blinking, it creates stress and dries your eyes up, and tears flow out naturally to lubricate the surface. It works for every person, and your tears will look real as they make the eyes glossy before pouring out


4. Trick Someone To Think You Are Crying


Sometimes, you do not have to cry but act, and that would be enough for the other person to think that you are crying. You should make a proper face like you are just about to cry, and you should wipe tears even though there is nothing to wipe. Furthermore, you should never look directly into the other person's eyes as nobody cries looking straight into someone' eyes. Make your voice slightly heavy and choke a little while speaking and sniffle a bit. 


5. Think About Someone Who Is No More


Thinking about someone with whom you were emotionally connected and who is no more in this world can make your cry immediately. You have to remember the good memories and make yourself miss that person a lot. 


6. Use Eyedrops



There are some safe eye drops available in the market that actually clear any dust particles in your eyes. You can use them, and your eyes will look watery. Now, it is up to you to put up emotional expressions on your face to make it all real.


7. Use Methylated Chapstick


You can buy it from drugstores, and it is commonly used to clear nostril and open the sinuses when a person gets cold. Use the chapstick and rub it below the eyes. Do not put it on the eyes by any mistake. After a few seconds, tears will burst out.

8. Cut An Onion


It is a known fact that when you cut an onion, water comes out naturally. If you want to convince a person, you should cut an onion before you face a person and your tears will create a Tsunami. 


9. Eat A Green or Red Chilly


If you do not have the habit of eating chilly, this should work fine. Eat a chilly and do not drink water or sweet. And if you have experience of eating hot chili or peppers, then try some of the hottest peppers in the world which surely make you drop tears. Make yourself suffer inwardly, and tears are sure to flow out swiftly.


10. Rub Around The Eyes WIth Your Hand


One of the best tricks to cry on the spot is to rub your hand first with chilly paste. Then wash your hand slightly and rub your hand around the eyes region. Do not put the hand or fingers inside your eyes. The skin around the eye region will start reacting, and tears will flow down for a long time. 


Try all the ten ways on how to make yourself cry on the spot and see which one suits you the best and looks convincing to others. So that, when the time comes, you can kill it with your performance. It's also one of the best things to do when you are bored, and crying somehow is a health benefit to you.



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