15 Breathtaking Sympathy Quotes For You


Life is an endless voyage, at times we get to see the most beautiful landscape ever. Turquoise waters, green lands, and sunny beaches. But we mustn't forget that that isn't all. Like the tides that a ship encounters and endures, we do too suffer through pain, sorrow, heartbreak, death and so on. But what we mustn't forget is that isn't the end of the road, for we have a higher purpose. Nevertheless, it isn't a sin to show and expect sympathy, empathy, compassion and at times indulge ourselves in these feelings to get over the bad feeling. Here we have compiled a list of sympathy quotes, those which you can relate to nearly any sorrow aspect of this mortal life.  Be it encountering the death of a loved one, losing a pet, losing confidence or faith, or a bit of self-pity for a recent heartbreak. Continue on to read these sympathy quotes to embrace and feel that emotional state.



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Check Out These Best Sympathy Quotes



1. The one that advises us to LIVE!




It isn't all that painful to die but to have died with a thousand unfulfilled wishes and dreams. So all you gotta do is go out there and get them.




2. Death and Love




Death and love leave their own imprints when they occur separately, but cause far more damage when they happen at the same time.




3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.




You get a sense of courage knowing that you have your friends by your side, one that you wouldn't have with anyone else. 




4. The feeling 




As the quote implies, saying and doing things will be forgotten, but the feeling stays on. 




5. Man's best friend




This is one of the most accurate and moving depictions of the selfless and endless love that a dog showers upon its masters (friends). 




6. A quote about everyone




Nobody takes it all, everyone has suffered. In one way or another, we all have lost something or someone. 




7. Death of a pet




The lovely creatures for whom we are the world and nothing else. Those little guys who get excited for the smallest of things, losing them would be the hardest things to happen to anyone.



8. Losing a dear one





The death of a dear one is always hard for the rest of the peer circle. We can only wonder how short our lives are and do what go we can, while we live.




9. Being the bigger person




Forgiving is the virtue of nobility. It means that you have accepted the perpetrator and moved past the mistake, to accept his resentment.




10. The ultimate purpose of life 




Helping a fellow human being on his way, showing love, affection and compassion are the only things that matter to this puny human life.



11. Love hurts




Love is painful if it isn't reciprocated. It takes a gigantic effort to get over the person. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort put in.




12. The ones that the dead wish 




We're sure that this is the only wish that all of us have for our friends and family after we have passed on.




13. Parting ways 




It is always hard to say goodbye to your loved ones. All the memories coming rushing, at once! But how lucky are we to have someone to be able to feel that!




14. Love 




Life is a timed event. All we have to do is love each and every one around us and make them and ourselves happy in the process.




15. Worry not 




Worrying doesn't solve the problem but in turn, makes finding a solution all the more difficult.


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