Loved Alia Bhatt In Black Saree? Watch Her 8 Gorgeous Saree Look


Even though Alia Bhatt holds a Britain passport and spent her early life in western countries, you have to say that she always looks better in sarees. Northern India girls and actresses always look gorgeous with western dresses, but somehow Alia Bhatt is an exception. She received praises from all the fans of Bollywood movies for her look and dress in 2 States where she was seen wearing sarees most of the time. Here are a few more moments that will make you believe that she looks extraordinary when she puts on sarees.



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1. Alia Bhatt In Black Saree In 2 States



Alia literally nailed it with this designer black saree. Even though her acting skills get more focus than her dressing style but she knows how to steal the spotlight with minimal words. Alia Bhatt in black saree in 2 states has been the highlighting point in many fashion and lifestyle blog praising her overall look.



2. Alia Bhatt In Yellow Saree In Tip Tip Barsa Pani



Alia Bhatt did a hilarious video where she danced on the popular song 'Tip Tip Barsa Pani' and recreated the famous old scene in yellow saree that was put by Raveena Tandon. But Alia Bhatt looked absolutely stunning and super hot, and her seductive gestures literally killed a lot of her Youth fans.



3. Alia Bhatt In Color Fantasy Saree



This is a specially made saree with a uniform mixture of colors and board outlines of fabrics. People say that girls who are too slim cannot look good in sarees, but here we are with Alia who showed everyone how a slim girl could look irresistible in a saree with simple makeup.



4. Alia Bhatt In White Saree



White is a color that girls do not like to wear when it comes to a saree. According to India tradition, only widows should wear white saree. But those days are behind us as Alia showed us how elegant and sleek one can look with a white saree mixed with colorful borders. It is time to break free of the superstition and wrong traditions.



5. Alia Bhatt In Royal Blue Saree



This is the most affordable saree in the list, and it is quite simple in design and has a red border. The dress has made her look equally beautiful, and it just shows that if you can put on the correct accessories like matching blouse and keep your makeup simple, you can become perfect in the eyes of your beloved. 



6. Alia Bhatt In Pink Saree



Most of the girls prefer to wear pink dresses to show off their feminine nature. Here is a pink dress that girls should try out to grab eyeballs and look simple very gracefully. 



7. Alia Bhatt In Red Saree



Let us face the fact that there is no color more perfectly fitted than red for sarees. Red has the highest attraction power, and men get totally attracted to a girl wearing a red saree. It helps to steal the spotlight in any event, and hence, it is used on wedding days to decorate the bride with the best red saree available.



8. Alia Bhatt In Manish Malhotra's Designed Saree



Alia Bhatt attended a wedding reception event with this stunning and out of the world saree. No could not help but appreciate the beauty of the saree more than the beauty of Alia's face. That is the power a saree which can make any average looking girl appear extraordinary. 



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