Here are the 10 Best Karaoke Software For Your PC & Mobile


Karaoke is getting more and more famous, by the day. These setups are found typically in bars and clubs and also in more sober events such as birthday parties, house warming ceremonies and the like. A long time ago they were huge, heavy and a pain in the ass to get them together, but not anymore. With new and easy to set-up software, you can have karaoke fun and sing away in the comfort of your homes right on your PC or Mac, some even available as applications for your smartphone. Then you wouldn't have to be worried about sounding like a helium filled buffoon in front of everyone at the party. It could also be that you want to pursue singing as a career but didn't know how to go about it, well this could be a great starting point. With a small amount of money, you could get your own karaoke set-up and be well on your way singing to stardom, or be known as a great singer at all your parties! We have rounded up a few best karaoke software to help you along the way. 



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Hone your Vocal Skills With Best Karaoke Software



1. Karafun Player 




When it comes to karaoke software, the first choice is always Karafun Player. With over 26,000 songs, offline syncing, dual screen displays and options to customize the tempo and key of the songs, Karafun has proved to be the best karaoke player for a long time now. It has also been the most downloaded karaoke software ever for windows and works well with windows 10 too. Added to it is that it is also available as a karaoke software for mobile. And among the karaoke software for android, this one stands out!




2. Siglos Karaoke Professional




This piece of software is absolutely next-gen in its features but not so much in its interface. it has all the features that a karaoke software has to have and more like, the ability to make your own playlists, computer scans for songs, autopilot, fill-in playlists and more. It costs around $100 to buy the software, which is worth every penny spent.





3. Kanto Karaoke




Next on the list is Kanto, a karaoke software that plays all your video and audio formats with a super-cool interface. It even allows you to record your voice to listen to later. It has interesting features like live performance management, audio settings, midi to mp3 converter and more. It offers the best free karaoke software as well as paid versions that are even better. 




4. OneKaraoke




One of the simplest karaoke setups ever, this player allows you to sing along without being tied to the mouse or keyboard. It is operable from via a remote. So you can be the cool party host with the karaoke setup.  It is extremely simple to use but has, a kind of flashy appearance to it.





5. Advanced Karaoke Player




As the name probably suggests this is more than just a karaoke player. It provides all the basic features of a karaoke player along with doing all the proverbial heavy lifting, organizing your media library. It also provides remote control facilities so that you don't always have to stick to your input devices, the mouse, and keyboard.





6. PC DJ Karaoki




pcdj is one of the frontrunners in the music playing and editing industry. They have a music & video editing, DJ software, and karaoke software, all made for professionals but are surprisingly simple. it has a neat and intuitive interface coupled with some string functions and more importantly, the dual screen option where the music can be edited on one and the lyrics can be played on the other. The entire list of software is available fo the iPad too.





7. Aria




Aria supports most of the media formats and is a simple package for a karaoke unit. It can easily be installed on your laptop or your home computer. The software has a dedicated store to purchase songs from, you can adjust the pitch of the songs while playing, has two modes – DJ mode or Scratch mode and you also assign virtual cases for karaoke songs. These are some of the features of this nifty little software.





8. kJams




Although this one isn't exclusive to Mac users it would be easier if you were one. It is in sync with iTunes and you just need to hit play in order to start off your karaoke experience. The user interface of both the iTunes and kJams are extremely similar and you won't have any hassle finding what is what. It is available in both pro and lite versions, with both of them having great features.





9. QMidi 




Qmidi is a one stop solution for karaoke software for Mac. It can edit the text of the songs, and also change the chords in the music, how cool is that! Not only that but it can form sequences of songs and playlists that can be played without any interference, and also has options to change the text size and other details. It is worth mentioning a bit more advanced user would be comfortable with this player rather than the average Mac user.





10. Karaoke 5




Next on our list and probably the most feature-packed software is Karaoke 5. The interface on this software looks old school but it sure does pack all the features that are expected of a karaoke player and more. It plays all the possible formats, tons of tweaking abilities, dual window, and the music mixer. It comes in two variants, the pro and the home versions that have different sets of features and pricing. 




That ends our list of karaoke software that you absolutely need if you are anything from a simple music lover who likes to sing and express or the next Elvis Presley looking to make a mark. You can choose any of the above-listed karaoke software blindly and you won't regret it. Let us know your choice of karaoke software and your reaction to the post below. 



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