A Foot Massage Can Save Your Life – Here Is How?

A foot massage is as comforting as it can get when you come from your work at the end of the day. A foot massage is also considered to be a great way to initiate intimacy and couples love to give each other a foot massage to arouse the sense and prepare for physical activities. It has been found that a foot massage can literally save your life as there are just too many benefits that can be derived from it. Starting from blood pressure regulation to relieving the pain during pregnancy and chemotherapy, the following is the list of benefits of a foot massage.

Relief To Cancer Patients –

Cancer patients have to go through a phase of pain and nausea. Regular foot massage can relieve them from such consequences to a large extent. It can also boost energy level and cause the least shortness of breath.


Relief To Sclerosis Patients –

If you are the one suffering from multiple sclerosis, you can have various conditions like muscle weakness, coordination problem, double vision and likewise. A foot massage can relieve you from such conditions by improving your motor and sensory nerves.


Swelling Of Feet –

Swelling of feet is a common condition that most of the pregnant women suffer from. There is an accumulation of fluid in the feet and ankle and it can cause severe pain. 10 minute so foot massage every day can prevent it from happening.


Blood Pressure –

High blood pressure can take your life with a heart attack. Once you get into the state of high blood pressure, you have to take continuous medication and you have to change your lifestyle to bring it down to normal after many months. A foot massage has been found effective in lowering blood pressure over a short span of weeks.

Good Night Sleep –

A good and quality night sleep is essential is for good metabolism and maintaining the energy level throughout the day. A poor night sleep can cause so many health issues. If you are suffering from such a state, go for a foot massage every night and it will induce sleep naturally.


Better Physical Intimacy –

A foot massage is a great way to foreplay with your partner and prepare him or her mentally and physically before you two get intimately close and do various acts. It can arouse the senses and give a better sexual drive for the entire session.

You should know which part of your feet corresponds to which organs or region of your body. A foot massage can also provide your relief from spinal cord pain and there are lung, heart and neck points.

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