Popular Places That Are Hiding A Few Secrets For Decades!

Most of the time human beings concentrate on the biggest picture, there are only a few people who concentration on the tiny details of the broad picture and dig up the unexpected secrets and mysteries. There are so many popular tourist attraction spots available in each and every country but they are not always what they seem to be. Check out these creepy secrets of the popular places around the world that you can never see coming.

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Colossus Of The Apennines

This half-man statue has several rooms inside it. There are rumors that the statue became alive a few times as water started erupting from the monster below the left hand of the man while smokes started to come out of its nostril as the room on its head has a fireplace that started to ignite on its own. No wonders why no one likes to book a room in the statue anymore.

Times Square Building

Times Square Building is one of the most popular buildings in the world. It is the place to be in during the New Year’s Eve. There are three floors available but there is never any activity taking place on the lower two floors for some weird and mysterious reason. The upper floor, however, is occupied by One Times Square Production.

National Library In India

The archeologists have discovered a mystery room in the library which seems to be over 250 years old. Surprisingly, no one knew about the door and no one can enter as it had no doors or windows. Some think that it was a torture room though no just evidence is found yet.

Empire State Building

It is one of the most visited places in New York and generally, most of the tourists go up to the 86th floor where there is an observatory deck available. Many people think that it is a 102-floor building

Grand Central Terminal Track

Waldorf Astoria Hotel is a landmark in the Grand Central Terminal and underneath the ballroom of the hotel, there is a secret track that has been operating for decades. It was built to take out Franklin Roosevelt unnoticed. The track is called track 61 and there are rumors that the track is used even today to take out presidents and celebrities unnoticed from the public attention.

Eiffel Tower Apartment

The designer of the Eiffel Tower Gustav Eiffel designed a small apartment near the top of the Effiel Tower for his own self. Many people tried to rent the apartment by paying hefty money but he never agreed. He hosted prestigious guests in the place like Thomas Edison. As per the wish of Gustav, it is still not available for rent but visitors can only peep through.

Disneyland Club 33

Disneyland has been a center of mysteries as there are certain places where visitors are not allowed and such places are totally closed down. One of such places is Club 33 which used to be a restaurant for celebrities only. For some weird reasons, it has been shut down completely.

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