13 Most Amazing Christmas Trees In The World To Watch Out!

Are you planning a trip to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones in a foreign country? How about visiting those happening places that are popular for their giant Christmas trees? The following most beautiful Christmas trees across the world have captivated the attention of every individual and spending your X-mas there will create memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Here is the list of 15 most stunning Christmas trees in the world where you can plan your trip and prepare your itinerary accordingly. 



1. The Paper Christmas Tree, Paris:



The tree is made up of recycled paper and is located in the oldest departmental store in Paris. It is a representation of North Pole with polar bears and frozen ice. You can take a virtual trip around the tree with its mobile app. 


2. U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, Washington DC:



The tree is a 65-foot tree and it has a sparkling appearance that seems to be an attraction along with the fact that a different tree is used every year. 


3. Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, London:



It is one of the longest trees all across the globe with a height of 20 meters. It is a thanksgiving gift from Norway to Britain from their help in World War II. 


4. Pope's Christmas Tree, Vatican City:



The Vatican Christmas Tree in St. Peter’s Square is 82 feet (25 meters) tall. It represents the theme of refugees problems in the world. 


5. Praca do Comercio, Lisbon:



It is the longest and most unique Christmas tree in Europe. It almost looked like photoshopped around the place but it is a real one and popular for its unique construction. 


6. Galleria Dallas, Dallas:



This Christmas tree is considered as the largest indoor Christmas tree in the United States. You can plan to visit this perfect destination with loved ones to cherish the feeling of love and togetherness. It is among the most heavily decorated stunning Christmas trees of them all. 


7. Rockefeller Center, New York City:



The tree is 94 feet tall and has over 50,000 LED lights and 25,000 crystals. No wonders why it is a must see sight at night especially on the Christmas night. 


8. Tegucigalpa Christmas Tree, Honduras:



The Christmas tree is the largest human Christmas tree in the world. It is formed by nearly 3000 volunteers. You and your family can also be part of a Guinness World Record next time. 


9. Colosseum Christmas Tree, Rome:



The Christmas tree is considered to be the most beautiful in Rome and along with the Colosseum, it is a special tourist attraction at night. It is also one of the longest X-mas trees in the world and gives a tight competition to the Colosseum. 


10. Callao Square and Puerto de la Sol, Madrid:



This is another unique Christmass tree decorated with crafted LED lights and various light effects come out of it at night time. The Christmas night sees the greatest gathering in Spain around the tree. 



11. Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro:



This is located in Brazil that has been famous for its beauty and its remarkable appearance blows the mind of travellers. It is nearly 280 feet tall and looks like a miracle happen on the water. There are over 3 million LED lights on its body. 


12. Byblos Christmas Tree, Lebanon:



The Christmas tree in Lebanon has the thirty-five-meter-high edifice. All you can do is see and wonder about its depth and construction. Byblos is popular for its architectural masterpieces across the country.


13. Red Square Christmas Tree, Moscow:



Red Square X-mas Tree in Moscow is solitary of the majority extraordinary trees in Russia and during Christmas time, people can do skating around it. It is one of the most visited places in the entire Europe during Christmas time as there are several tourist attractions around its location. 


Now, it would be easy for you to plan the Christmas Eve trip to be more adventurous and full of fun. 




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