From Bees to Ants-Know How Much it Pains when Insects Sting Us?


Insects, although smaller organisms have a mean stinger. We've had to classify them on the Schmidt sting pain index  (SSPI) to gauge the pain caused by the sting. This is a pain scale developed by Justin O. Schmidt, an avid American entomologist. The scale is divided into 4 different measures beginning with 0, which indicates the lowest pain/virtually no pain caused by an insect's sting while 4 represents the most painful sting made by an insect. Therefore just to have an idea about how these stings would hurt, he classified common insects across this scale. We have made a list of some of the common insects found around us and how painful their stings would be if we manage to annoy one of them. Take a quick peek!


Let's take it slow and look at the more innocuous stingers of the insect world first and then proceed to mind numbing stings!





1. Asian Needle Ant 



Schmidt sting pain index: 1


Taking its place at the low end of the chart is the Asian Needle Ant, and has a Schmidt sting pain index (SSPI) rating of 1. It doesn't pain that much but you would obviously feel it and maybe flick the little guy away.




2. Indian Jumping Ant



Schmidt sting pain index: 1 


Next up is the most common ant found mainly in the subcontinent of India. Another passionate entomologist Lauren Young has defined the effect as a wonderful wake-up feeling like coffee but very bitter and hence gets a 1.


3. Suturing Army Ant



Schmidt sting pain index: 1.5


The genus of army ants is found mainly in southern Africa and tropical Asia. It is known to have been used as a natural suture to deep cuts and wounds. It does this mainly by its bite, which is rated at a measly 1.5.




4. Giant Sweat Bee



Schmidt sting pain index: 1.5


This genus of bees falls into the category of several bees that are attracted to the salty sweat that humans secrete. Although harmless, if provoked can give mildly painful sting of a 1.5 magnitude on the SSPI.




5. Mexican Honey Wasp



Schmidt sting pain index: 2


It is from this point onwards that you would really feel the sting. This type of wasp is one of the few species of wasps that secrete honey. Found in both the northern nd southern Americas this one has a bit of a mean sting at 2 on the SSPI.




6. Western Honey Bee 



Schmidt sting pain index: 2


One of the more common honey bees ever found is the Western Honey Bee or the European Honey Bee. This one shares its pain inflicting prowess with the Honey Wasp at 2.




7. Nocturnal Hornet 



Schmidt sting pain index: 2.5


A part of the wasp family are the hornets. One amongst them is the nocturnal hornet which is known to stay awake and carry out most of its work at night. This nocturnal Hornet has a pain inflicting capacity of 2.5 on the SSPI.




8. Yellow Fire Wasp 



Schmidt sting pain index: 2.5


Sharing its position with the hornet is the most feared wasp, the Yellow Jacket Wasp. Known by their signature Yellow stripes with either black, red or white, these guys know how to inflict pain and get a 2.5 on the SSPI.




9. Velvet Ant 



Schmidt sting pain index: 3


Moving further up in the index, we come across velvet ants. they are called so because of the layer of scarlet or red hair on the backs. Also, they belong to the wasp species, so now you know where they get their mean stingers from.




10. Giant Paper Wasp 



Schmidt sting pain index: 3


These wasps, also have a yellow coloring on their backs and are called Paper Wasps as they collect dead wood from plants and trees to mix it with the saliva and make a waterproof nest out of it. They sit at a level of 3 on the SSPI.




11. Tarantula Hawk 



Schmidt sting pain index: 4


This Wasp surely is one badass insect. It hunts down Tarantula Spiders – its favorite meal. These guys can grow up to 5 cm in length and can sting anyone who stands in their way with a 4 pointer on the SSPI.




12. Bullet Ant



Schmidt sting pain index: 4


These ants have club-shaped mouths and hence their name in latin Paraponera Clavata. But the pain causing stinger is right at the back, where it can achieve its full movement and thrust the needle to inflict damage that can have its effect for a full 24-hours. Hence given the highest rating on the SSPI.




13. Warrior Wasp



Schmidt sting pain index: 4


The man who created the pain index, entomologist Justin O. Schmidt himself has confessed that the sting from a Warrior Wasp is the worst! They are known to be very aggressive and protective of their nests and obviously have the highest SSPI rating.



With that ends our list of the pain inflicted by insects that are common everywhere. Thank you for reading and do let us know your opinions below!





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