9 Super-hot wives of Billionaires – that make the common man hate himself more!

1. Melania Knauss




Age: 46 / Nationality: American, Slovenian

Married: Donald Trump (now 46) on 22nd Jan 2005



This super hot Bombshell from Slovenia, Melania Knauss has been the topic of the town ever since her hubby and the USA President-elect Donald Trump won the elections. A model since she was 16, Melania met Mr. Trump in Sept. 1998 at a Fashion week party. Although Mr. Trump has been waging a relentless war against the immigrants in the States (at least in his campaigns cheeky), this one immigrant has managed to seal her spot.


2. Talulah Riley



Age : 31 / Nationality: British

Married: Elon Musk (45)  2010–2012 & 2013–2016



Talulah Riley is a British actress from the United Kingdom noted for movies such as Inception, The Summer House and White Frog along with TV appearances in shows as Doctor Who, Poirot, Marple etc. Elon Musk, Co-founder of Tesla & Paypal, founder of SpaceX, and Talulah started dating in 2008 and two years later on 25th Sept. 2010 tied the knot. But soon after, just four years later filed for a divorce, again in the year 2013 are said to have patched things up in 2013 and eventually broke up in Oct. 2016. If rumors are to be believed, reconciliation is on the cards.


3. Salma Hayek




Age: 50 / Nationality: Mexican, American

Married: François-Henri Pinault on 14th Feb 2009



She is one woman you can find in each and every "The most beautiful women" list. Salma Hayek is a noted Mexican – American film actress, producer and former model. She is well known for movies like Bandidas, Wild Wild West, Frida, Grown ups 1 & 2 and so on. On March 7th 2009, she confirmed her engagement and her pregnancy with French Billionaire François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering.


4. Kristy Hinze




Age : 37  / Nationality: Australian

Married: James H. Clark (72) on 22nd Mar 2009



Kristy, a renowned model from Australia, came into the limelight through the 10th season of America's Next Top Model. She went on to be the host & judge of another popular Australian fashion series Project Runway Australia in the first two seasons. She, later on, married James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape.


5. Oleksandra Nikolayenko-Ruffin




Age : 34  / Nationality: Ukrainian

Married: Phil Ruffin (80) on 6th Jan. 2008



Olek… well let's call her Olek. Olek is a multiple beauty pageant winner with the “Miss Odessa”, “Miss Ukraine South”, “Miss Ukraine”, “Miss Student”, “Miss Tourism-Europe”, “First vice-Miss Tourism-Planet”, “Miss American Dream” and “Miss Tourism International” and the 2004 "Miss Ukraine" titles. She married the casino, real estate and Oil Industry Mogul Phil Ruffin (72 then) at the age of 26. 



6. Claudia Barilla




Age : 37  / Nationality: Canadian

Married: Guy Laliberté (57)



Claudia Barilla who started modeling at the tender age of 17, is quite known in certain parts of Canada for her modeling prowess but mostly because she is the wife of self-made Canadian billionaire, entrepreneur, poker player, space tourist & co-founder of  Cirque du Soleil. Not much is known except that Mr. Guy Laliberté s is one lucky man!



7. Dasha Zhukova




Age : 35 / Nationality: Russian

Married: Roman Abrmovich (50)



Ms. Zukhova is neither a model nor an actress, although we think she should be both! She is an accomplished name in fashion and art industry, being the co-founder of Kova & T and the founder of GARAGE magazine. She met and married Roman Abrmovich, a businessman, investor, and politician well known as the owner of the Chelsea football club. Their marriage was said to be a hushed ceremony, being a very secretive affair!



8. Jade Foret




Age : 26 / Nationality: Belgian

Married: Arnaud Lagardère (55) on 14th May 2013



Jade Foret is a top model, based off of New York. She rose to fame at the age of 13 when her 100m x 20m backless poster was put up as a part of the advertisement for Levi's. She has appeared in 2 movies, Louis la Brocante and Traceless. She met Arnaud Lagardère, a French billionaire who is the General and Managing Partner at Lagardère SCA. The two bonded over a "behind the scenes" of a photoshoot and hit it off instantly. She then gave birth to a baby girl in Sept. 2012 and soon after in 2013, got married.



9. Nikita Kahn




Age : 24 / Nationality: Ukranian

Married: Larry Ellison (Boyfriend,surprise 70)



Meet Nikita Kahn! Although not much is known about this young-shell (amalgam of youngster and bombshell cheeky), we do know that she is Mr. Ellison's rumored girlfriend. You might ask "umm.. he's the founder or Oracle corp. & wasn't he like, married?". Yes, he is, to Melanie Ellison and yet here we are! Sure, Mrs. Ellison is no less beautiful, but 70-year-old Larry likes his women young! Nikita has appeared in one movie – Catch (appropriate?).





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