Reasons Why People Do Mental Fantasy Of Opposite Gender

As we grow up, you start to fantasize about our opposite gender irrespective of whether we are in contact with them in our friend circle or not. It is a very natural thing in human beings whether it is teenagers or adults. The researchers have analyzed why people fantasize by surveying thousands of people and the results are quite interesting to know. Which one of the following is your reason to fantasize!

Experience Excitement –

Well, as many as 80% people in the world fantasize just because they want to get excited and feel the blood rush up and down their blood. This is the moment they would like to call trance in the material world.  

Curious About Sensation –

Well, initially, people and mostly women do it so that they can get the sensation of how it feels. Even though they have means to fulfill the fantasy but they want to feel it from a different perspective of imagination only. This reason constitutes over 70% of people.


Fulfilling The Unfulfilled –

This is the most obvious reason why it comes in third position with 60% voting for the option. They want to do it in reality with people of the other gender but they have no means to do it. Hence, they are pleasuring themselves thinking about it.


Escaping The Reality –

There is no much stress in our lives but there is literally no means to escape it other than seeking the shelter of forced pleasure. Fantasizing about others takes you to another world where your mind is completely occupied and hence, you can escape the reality temporarily. It is voted by 60% people. This is the best way human beings know to escape the anxiety in them too.


Setting The Future –

Some people want to think and plan it perfectly before they can execute it. That is why they fantasize all the possible moves and angles to satisfy the partner they have or will have in the near future. They want to be confident when doing it in reality.

Compensate Undesirable Partner –

At times, people get into a relationship just to experience the pros and cons of it. However, in the process of desperation, they choose a partner that they do not like fully. Moreover, when there are better options available and there are far more attractive people around of the opposite gender, a person starts considering his or her partner as unattractive. To compensate this, fantasy is a way out for them. This is what around 20% people feel.


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