15 of The Wildest Nail Art Designs that You Will Ever See


Nail arts have been around and also were pretty popular since the Egyptian-era. Of late it seems, with the creativity of the general folk bustling through, and their love for things running wild, we get to see a lot of wild, and sometimes beautiful and cute nail arts. We have made a collection of the ones that caught our eye. Check them out.



1. Bat-love



This one is for those girls who love batman! It is complete with nicely carved out nails to resemble the dark knight's bat-ears and the symbol of the vigilante of Gotham city.



2. Love for the candies and gums!



There is probably not one girl on the face of the earth that doesn't like candy. How about showing that love on your nails. 



3. A Monsters University and Monsters Inc. tribute



A brilliant tribute to the Monsters movie franchise, with the 3 main characters (2 monsters and the little girl) along with the elusive door to the little girl's house. Then there's that monsters symbol on the pinkie.



4. Love for scrambled eggs



Imagine the love for eggs omelet and everything else that comes from eggs to actually have a nail art made just for eggs! Nevertheless, they look cute and somewhat slimy and over the top!



5. The grassy look



A nice texture to your nails, that reminds you of open meadows of grass and a bin with a grass monster popping out of it!



6. A bit of Fur on the nail for warmth!



Who doesn't like some warmth for the fingertips? That is exactly what this nail art will give you! Creepy!



7. Love for bling



You can only have so many ornaments and then you start running out of body parts to wear them. But you can take it up a notch and wear bling on your nails.



8. The bikini season is here 



We don't know if the general public will be accepting of this, but we kinda love it (because, bewbs!). Complete with nipple piercing and all! Hilarious!



9. Love for minions



The cute little characters from Despicable Me are the latest cute-rage amongst girls of all ages now. Sport them on your nails to show that you love them to bits.



10. Roses never run out of fashion 



Don't have flowers to give to your beloved? Not to worry, just put your fingernails together to make a neat little bouquet! 



11. SpongeBob Squarepants – can't get enough of this sponge 



Another character loved by women of all ages is this cute sponge wearing square-shaped pants from Nickelodeon.



12. Love for old Edward Scissorhands



No one can forget Johnny Depp's brilliant portrayal of Edward Scissorhands. He had scissors for hands and now you can have scissors for nails!



13. Skull and bones!



A gag Halloween theme for your nails. the thumb and ring fingers come together to make a skeleton, neat!



14. Classic Tetris



This is taking the love for the game that made up most of our childhood to a whole new level. I say the game's worth it!




15. Love story on you nails



This one paints an intricate picture of 2 people probably in love, or just two kids chilling at the park with their grandparent.



Like it? Hate it? Let us know what you think about this collection below!



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