13 Amazing Russian Tattoo Meanings :Know the Secret Meanings Behind Them!


People today associate the idea of a tattoo with flaunting and fun and believe me, a tattoo is much more than that! The Tattoos started as a symbol of representing something important in life and not just some random "this is so cool" ideology. Thankfully, even today, some people and groups follow the tradition of tattoos as how it was supposed to be and the Russian Mafia is one such group, having a curious tattoo hierarchy in the organization. Check out these 13 Russian Tattoo meanings behind them.



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1. On Cross: Jesus and Bible


Burning in the name of "Freedom" is Jesus Christ's head and the Bible on a cross, representing how the Communist Party led to the annihilation of freedom and faith.


Location: Chest and Shoulder






2. Skull and Crossbones


The skull and crossbones tattoo is haughtily worn by the members who have a thing with arms and subsequent violence, often believed to be the individuals who have an anti-authority mindset.


Location: Shoulder and Forearm






3. Dagger and Book


A dagger going through a book believed to be the "criminal code," represents the anarchism.


Location: Forearm




4. Hand Sign


Expressing disagreement towards oppression, slave laws and Correctional-Labour Institution (ITU), this tattoo is inscribed with words meaning "Slave of the KPSS", "Slave of the USSR" etc.


Location: Forehead, Eyelids, and Arms





5. Shoulder Straps


The people authority of the followed prison hierarchy are given distinct epaulettes and shoulder straps with custom inscribed letters, like, N-1 depicting Napoleon, the first.


Location: Shoulders






6. David Star


The David star is a six pointed star with text inscribed in Hebrew, meaning:

"We are a spiritual people. Life. Intellect. Power on Earth."



Location: Under the arms






7. Five-pointed Star


The star is five pointed and slangs the policemen, guards of prison and alike. It is carved with some text and the inscribed text translates to:

"Death to Trash"


Location: Chest, Shoulder, Side of Shin





8. Medal


The medal in the tattoo, with thorns' crown on the head of Jesus, pictorially represents the desire of revenge towards the traitors.


Location: Chest





9. Cross


The Russian Mafia tattoo that bears the crosses symbolizes simply, a female thief.


Location: Fingers, Cleavage, and Temple





10. Iron Cross


The Iron Cross represents the solidarity of Russians with the Nazis and to represent the same, some people even put a Swastika sign in the center.


Location: Chest





11. Crescent Moon and Star


The people who prophesize and put their beliefs in Islam carry the tattoo of stars with a crescent moon.


Location: Chest, Forearm





12. Hammer and Sickle over Crossbones


Russian tattoo with hammer and sickle over the crossbones expresses the suffering for a person's beliefs.


Location: Arms, Legs





13. Star


Otritsalovka, people who never want to reform and are indulged in unlawful activities and connections, carry the star tattoo with French text meaning:

"Everything for me. Nothing from me."


Location: Forearm



Hope you liked the article! Do put down your comments about the same. And if you are planning to get a tattoo soon, think through and don't get muddled up in coolness! Cheers!



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