Real Photos Taken On Earth That Seems Out Of The World!

There are so many things in this world that give you the feeling that they are actually out of the world things. However, the reality stays the seem and we are going to give you a list of real photographs of objects and places that define the out of the world phrase’s meaning.

Scary Ghost –  

Can you guess what it is? Well, it is not a space creature for sure. It is just a Leopard seal photographer from above the ice.

The Rare Sunrise –

This is truly rare and there is a whole science to explain this exception. This is due to the reflection of light from the ice crystals in the atmosphere and in the high-altitude clouds. It is a true representation of candlelight.

A White Crow –

We have always heard of the phrase as black as crow but today, we are seeing an Albino white crow. These are found in Canada and it is white due to its leucism condition. Due to this condition, there is a heavy loss of pigmentation. Their numbers are growing gradually.


A Dragon –

A close-up photo of this rare Mexican Alligator lizard shows the beauty of its body. It is simply perfect and due to deforestation and poaching, these are on their way to extinction.

Edge Of The World?

This may seem to be a photoshopped photo but it is not. it is the photo of a diver sitting on the edge of the seashore and getting ready for a dive-off. It is an illusionary photo and the rest is the magic of photography.

Ice House?

This is not a house in Antarctica. It is the condition of almost all the houses in Ohio when a snow blizzard passed through.

Dream Interior –

This is something you can dream in your beautiful dreams but this is a reality in The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro. You will be left wondering than reading in this library.

Deadly Pond –

It has bee noticed that people who have taken bath in this pond have died very soon. Therefore, it is considered to be cursed. Even when someone collects the water and stores in a container, it loses its unusual blue color. Scientists think that it is due to the minerals present at the bottom.

Sea Butterfly –

This shows the effect of pollution whereby the sea butterfly absorbs excess carbon dioxide and dissolves slowly in the water.

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