5 Most Fantastic Lucid Dreaming Stories

Lucid dreaming is practically an art of realizing and becoming aware that you are actually dreaming, and therefore being able to control it! More and more people have been trying to and have got considerable success in achieving this lucid dreaming, by using various methods like music as a cue, or using LD-masks, and even writing dreams down in journals for better awareness during their next dream. These journals now translated to stories can be the answer to both how to and what to do in a dream once you are lucid of it.


Typically these stories begin with a test to identify if you're actually dreaming, like holding your nose and trying to breathe or even trying to count your fingers and the like. These things never are naturally how they are supposed to be in dreams! You can find more such freebies in posts related to lucid dreaming facts, but the point of discussion here to get accustomed to some stories from people when they realized that they were in a dream. Check out some of the best below!



1. An Inception-style dream



This dream is a lucid dreaming mask induced one, where the mask indicates to the user that he is dreaming, by flashing lights on to your eyes and as these flashes also appear in your dream they tell you that you are dreaming.


A part of it seems like a scene out of the Assassin's Creed game, where I was instructed by an unknown entity to go sit on a huge chair with many kinds of electronic stuff around it. I quickly realized that this was no ordinary chair but a console that allowed it's user to dream, and then I realized that I was going to dream within a dream! Just like the movie, Inception. 


Soon after,  I entered my second dream where I was cycling on an Amsterdam street, along with a girl, no less. Then I got these flashes of light on the edge of my vision that reminded me that I was dreaming. As I came to realize it, my entire vision became more powerful than ever, I had binocular vision, where I could see for miles (generally dreams are foggy except for the center circular portion). It was always my dream to fly and so I tried to in my lucid dream. I let go of my handlebar and tried to jump up, even flapping my arms like a kid, but only came back with a small leap. 


Then I saw a tree and thought how crazy would it be to take a bite off the bark and make it taste like marshmallow, and went on to take a big chunk of the tree. I found out that the tree bark still tastes how a bark would! By this time, the girl was gone and I wanted to try to fly again. this time, I closed my eyes and thought of floating in the air and I actually did it, I was about 50 cm from the ground, floating in the air. I float for a while and then suddenly start to lose my concentration and my lucid dream, slowly I was pushed out of it by my mind.


Reference : Lucid Dreaming Stories


2. The Skyrim-style dream



Skyrim is a game where you are given a huge expanse of land to explore and decide upon your quests without any kind of inhibitions! This dream is sort of like that.


I was in an unknown living room watching TV. I happened to notice that the color of the TV was a tad off and straight away do a reality check! I pinch my nose and try to breathe, and I was able to (This is one of the tips to identify that you are dreaming)! So I am in a dream! I quickly dissolve the wall in front of me and start to fly outside (This requires a bit of practice in lucid dreaming to achieve). When I moved outside I see long rows of short poles arranged in a straight line, made of candy. As I get to the first one I realize that they aren't small but in fact really huge! 


Then I started to move towards the poles, but then as I reached the 10th pole, was stopped by an invisible wall, preventing me from moving further! I then thought that this must be the boundary of a dream! But only when I woke up did I realize that just like in the game Skyrim, I was so used to playing, the map had a similar edge, and that was introduced here too by my brain!


Reference: Lucid Dreaming Stories


3. The dream jump



This is one of those lucid dreaming stories that I will never forget, for the beauty within in jus inexplicable! I first saw a couch that I had seen in my previous dreams, and did a quick reality check, to realize that I was a dream. Then I started floating outside, into the dark and open skies, for my mind hadn't filled up the open spaces. It then started to fill them up with high rise building, streets, stores and the like, it was a pretty busy place. And soon an entire city was built like in a sim game!


I kept floating only to find the city move away, behind me and I found myself in a rustic, rural area. There were short hills, huge houses with big trees around them on each side of the country road. I found some kids playing checkers by the side of a huge green expanse of, maybe wheat. I went down and spoke to them, most of which I don't remember. 


Then I remember floating away, like it was something natural for me and then there were dark spots in the environment, it began to shift and change. Slowly it came to be filled again with a beautiful green hill with a huge meadow in front of it, and a gentle stream gushing across the meadow. I sat there for a long, long time. I had jumped from one dream to another seamlessly.


Reference: Quora


4. The moon-pastry dream



I suddenly realized that I was dreaming one night and looked at the clock twice, but it wasn't the same. Then I moved on outdoors, smashing through the window and making a perfect superhero landing (just like how Deadpool says). I realized that I was in my neighborhood and started looking around, it was beautiful. I then looked up to find the moon in all its glory accompanied by the shimmering glow of the stars. 


As I normally do in real life, I reached out to the moon, acting like I could reach it, but this time I could actually touch it. And so I went ahead and broke a chunk off the moon. I could not, for the love of god, believe it and like a kid that eats anything it's gets it's hands on, I started eating the moon. And it tasted like the best ever black forest pastry, my favorite. Alas, I was then woken up by my overexcitement!


Reference: Quora


5. Conjuring famous people – The Harry Potter trio



It was a pretty normal day, and I was sitting with my brother in ur minivan. As I looked away and back towards my brother, it wasn't him anymore but Harry Potter star, Emma Watson! I then realized that I was actually dreaming, and it had to be Emma (Hermione) since I am such a huge HP fan!


I then realized that since I was dreaming, this as my world and I could just think of anyone and they should appear in front of me. I then thought of the rest of the HP trio and then came Harry and Ron, dressed in Gryffindor robes! We were all wearing the same black robes, I was in Gryffindor! Then I realized that we were actually participants in the Triwizard tournament! We then took turns completing different tasks, most of which I don't remember but were totally not like the movies and books. As we were nearing the final leg of the tournament, all the four of us were reaching out to the cup in front of us, but then, at that precise moment, to my dismay, I woke up!


With that, end the 5 stories that lucid dreaming produced. Let us know what you think of these stories in the comments and reactions below.



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