Unique Ways For Girls To Propose To The Boyfriends

Well, it is generally the boyfriends who propose their girlfriends and pop the question. However, in this modern world, the other way around is also quite natural. The modern girls are ready to break the usual norms of society and go ahead with the proposal to their boyfriends. If you are a girl and planning to propose your boyfriend to give him the biggest surprise of his life, you can consider the following of the unique ways to propose to boyfriends.

Set your ring within his preferred food


If your man is a big-time foodie, then the best way to win over his heart is a unique proposal. Place a ring just inside the food he relishes. Watch while he eats so he doesn’t dig in the ring too else you’ll lose your dollars into his intestine.


Try not to propose with a ring

Proposing with a ring has been one trend. No doubt it’s been one of the most adorable and exceptional ways of proposing. But an engagement ring is a formula that’s been an impelled practice, which definitely can be done without. You can use other means too that’ll proceed a life span and act as an alternative to a ring. Initiative a proposal with a watch, that’ll indicate you’ll be spending the rest of your life together.


Consider your homely games

One creative method is utilizing your home games. If your boy is more of a gamer then why not try indoor games like scrabble, while you align “MARRY ME” as the title & let him see it. Probably that’ll be a top disclosure. However, if he’s someone into video game seek for a way where you can explain that you want him as a life partner.


Plan a treasure hunt as a proposal technique

Take the Indiana Jones inspiration & organize a treasure hunt around the city. This will be a fun creative way of putting a proposal, provided both have the adrenaline rush and are adventurous too. At the end of the trail, he’ll get the most valuable treasure of all that is you. He’ll have an engagement symbol waiting for him to propose.


Carry out a flash mob

Gather all your friends, family, and his family members & friends. Conduct a flash mob referring to Justin Timberlake’s book “Friends with benefits”. This will perhaps work if he’s dramatic sort, likes PDA and excitement and is an extrovert all in all. This technique will certainly be amazing and awesome and no person will forget it soon.


Cling to his nerd with no reservation

Say you’re boyfriend is a nerd without hesitation use that to your benefit whenever you have plans for him. He’ll feel special that you’re making every effort to do the exceptional things and on something he freaks out about. Hide a message within a snitch necklace that is if he’s a Potterhead. You can also attempt a QR code, which will show a message “Marry me” when the code is scanned.


Compose a short movie

Become a director for your better half & create a movie that is distinctive and grand. Seek some good actors to portray you and your partner’s role and let them narrate your complete story. Take it from the first date to your challenges, the sweet-bitter moments and where you stand now. When the scene rolls display the words “Marry me” on the screen, and your boyfriend will see the superlative disclosure.



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