6 Common Things Over Which Couple Fight All The Time

The fight is good or not good for the health, whatever science has proofed, we get into a fight unwillingly. During the fight, we go out of the comfort zone of our partners, that we can hurt others. Fight, banter these all are part of our life, and couples find a strong bond at the end of the fight. During the fight, they miss each other, and after a fight, bonds come in that way. There are some pretty fights can be fought between the couple with a happy ending. It is proofed that little fight reason for good friendship. Arguments among couple can simplify the strong bond in the relationship.

1. TV Show

A charming fight begins between the couple for a tv show. A couple gets involved in a competition to gain the tv remote. If one of them sacrifices others gives a lovely expression to the partner then comes closer and forgets the TV Show.

2. Vacation Plan

All the time you get a chance to fight during making a vacation plan. Vacation plan if not suitable for one partner, disagreement will stand there. Reason can be sometimes a hotel or sometimes travel options but the main reason comes before these, that where to go? But after making a lot of disagreements couple comes in a conclusion which makes their bond strong.


3. Stay in Or Go out

Every person has different personalities, they want to see the world from a different view. One like the sun others might like the moon. These differences come from a different mind because we are made of different thought. Although we try to come out from our comfort zone to do different which we don’t use to.


4. Not Enough Time

These days time is a big matter. Time is not stopped for us. We wastage our precious times in idleness and smart technologies, but have we ever wondered that spending a little time in fighting with loveable one can show possessiveness to her?


5. Spending Habits

Spending a lot or spending on unnecessary things can be your fight reason. You or your partner, whenever to find a baseless expense, has been done, you guys start a little debate on that, unless you start advising each other, which builds good bonding between you.


6. Not Enough Loving

Loving and caring reason of the fight always between a couple. Expressing love to the partner makes a happy relationship, but when you forget or your partner noticed along you have not expressed your love and starts banter, you find your significance strongly.

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