Top 7 Innovations That Can Happen in 2020!

Every year is a new beginning and there are a few things that we want to see going forward. However, not all wishes are fulfilled. But there are some logic assumptions that can be fulfilled easily. Here is the light of a few innovations that we can see trending in 2020.

Smart Fertilizers:

Even though plenty of research has been done on fertilizers, there is still the presence of ammonia. There is also the presence of potash and urea, which can cause a lot of farms. However, we are definitely going to witness newer kind of fertilizers that includes nitrogen making it suitable for vegetation.


Plastic remains a major concern for the entire planet. For this, biodegradable plastic will offer an ideal solution to limiting waste. However, this is not strong making it less preferable. With the help of plant waste like lignin and cellulose, there can be improved strength in the overall material.


With the advancement in physics, there the lenses have also seen advancement. Metalenses offer lighter alternatives and have tiny and thin surfaces. It can be a perfect replacement for bulky glass lenses that will suitable for different applications. It is beyond the abilities of traditional glass and offers further miniaturization.

Social Robots:

Robots have always been one of the greatest inventions. It has the ability to recognize voices, emotions, as well as faces. It can be very useful for everyday life, particularly for children. Robots have the ability to educate children and also to take care of elders.

Safe Nuclear Reactors:

Nuclear reactors pose one of the greatest threats to humankind. However, there are new fuels that prevent overheating and do not produce hydrogen. It can be an ideal replacement for your existing fuel allowing you to have peace of mind. This will let you have added safety as it does not emit carbon dioxide.

DNA Data Storage:

Data storage systems can consume a lot of energy as it keeps on increasing. DNA based data storage system is a revolution in the storage system and consumes low energy to the hard drives. There are estimates that DNA measuring can perform better as it has a huge capacity.

Food Tracking and Packaging:

Contaminated food is popular across the world. It becomes necessary to locate the source so that you can consume the food safely. Blockchain technology will let you know if the food is perfect to consume. It monitors food progress and reduces the need to waste.

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